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Casa De Novia Review: A Perfect Blend Of Horror And Humour

This movie takes us into unexplored territory by skillfully blending horror and humour like never before.

Casa De Novia review
Casa De Novia cover [PHOTO CREDIT: Prime Video]

Our Casa De Novia review dives deep into the Anthill Studios-produced horror film. ‘Casa De Novia’, a production of Anthills Studios is a 2024 movie directed by Uyouyou Adia currently streaming on Amazon Prime. ‘Casa De Novia’ offers a fresh take on Nigerian cinema, seamlessly weaving together paranormal elements and comedy to deliver an entertaining and unpredictable story.  

In this Nigerian film, a journalist desperate to save her job crosses paths with Lagos’ most eligible bachelor-turned-ghost. What follows is a unique blend of paranormal elements and comedy, resulting in a hilarious and spooky cinematic experience. 


From the very first scene of ‘Casa De Novia’, viewers are captivated by the lead actor, Efosa as he seemingly proposes. However, Efosa Igbinovia, a successful businessman, sports enthusiast and philanthropist’s proposal takes a tragic turn. This delivers a gripping start that leaves audiences intrigued and eager to uncover the secrets that lie ahead in this thrilling Nigerian film.

Yoyo, a journalist facing the challenges of a new job, stumbles upon the perfect and affordable accommodation in the form of the Casa De Novia mansion. Little did she know, this seemingly perfect mansion comes with a haunting twist – the ghost of Efosa. What was supposed to be a night of dreams turned into a night of horror as Efosa’s ghost made its presence known. Yoyo seeks solace at Buzzwatch, her workplace, where she shares her plight with her colleagues, Femi, and Ancel, and her boss, Ezinne Okoli. With this unexpected turn of events, Ezinne sees an opportunity for a blockbuster story that could bag her a huge deal. Yoyo, desperate to keep her job, makes contact with Efosa once again and makes a shocking revelation. To write a story on him, she must help him reach out to his fiancée, Melina, one last time.

In ‘Casa De Novia’ the plot thickens with the reappearance of Efosa’s twin, Esosa, whose defiance and secretive nature add a new layer of mystery to the narrative. Esosa’s initial threat to sue Buzzwatch for publishing the story about his brother’s death serves as a smokescreen for his hidden agenda surrounding Efosa’s demise. This unexpected twist injects a fresh dose of tension into the storyline, keeping viewers on the edge of their seats.

Meanwhile, amidst the chaos, Yoyo’s colleague and crush, Femi, experiences his revelation as he finally acknowledges his failure to uncover the truth about Efosa’s death three years prior. Seeking redemption, Femi’s decision to support Yoyo in her quest to uncover the mystery seems like a turning point in his character arc. However, this subplot feels incomplete and lacks resolution, as Femi’s story abruptly ends without further exploration or closure.

Casa De Novia review
A scene from Casa De Novia [PHOTO CREDIT: Prime Video]

While the film effectively builds suspense and intrigue with Esosa’s deception and Femi’s internal conflict, the execution of these plot twists falls short of delivering a satisfying payoff. Viewers are left questioning the significance of Femi’s character development and the unresolved secrets surrounding Efosa’s untimely demise.

As Novia Yoyo accepts the role as the sole intermediary between the ghost of Efosa and the living world, it facilitates a poignant reunion between Efosa and his grieving mother. However, their attempts to reach Esosa, Efosa’s enigmatic twin, are met with frustration, leading to a tense confrontation that culminates in a shocking revelation.

As tensions escalate, Esosa’s rage manifests in a destructive act, threatening to engulf the Casa De Novia mansion in flames. Yet, his aggression is met with an unexpected force as Efosa’s ghost intervenes, confronting his twin with an otherworldly vengeance. In the chaos that ensues, Esosa’s long-held secret is laid bare before Yoyo and Ancel, exposing the truth behind Efosa’s mysterious disappearance.

This revelation, however, adds a layer of complexity to the narrative, leaving viewers grappling with the moral implications of his actions.

In a climactic turn of events, ‘Casa De Novia’ delivers a shocking twist following the discovery of Efosa’s body and the subsequent proper burial. This revelation not only connects the dots but also unravels a web of mysteries, leaving everyone including Efosa’s ghost, Yoyo and the viewers, utterly stunned.


Anee Icha’s portrayal of Yoyo is particularly remarkable, as she perfectly captures the essence of the movie. She skillfully blends elements of comedy, romance, and the supernatural. 

Taye Arimoro truly delivered a stellar performance in ‘Casa De Novia.’ He flawlessly portrayed the cute and sweet ghost character, while also impressively embodying the angry and rude twin.

The cast of the movie is filled with fresh faces who truly shine in their performances. Each actor fully embraces their character, adding depth to the story. The movie featured Lilian Esoro, Nosa Rex Okunzuwa, Efe Irele, Tope Tedela and many others. 


English was the predominant language, also Tawa’s infusion of Yoruba and her playful use of informal English truly added a typical Nigerian feel to the movie. This unique blend not only brought authenticity but also provided moments of comic relief throughout the film.       

This movie takes us into unexplored territory by skillfully blending horror and humour like never before. The plot isn’t just about scares; it’s a carefully crafted journey filled with suspenseful twists and perfectly timed revelations. But it’s not all about goosebumps and shivers. The infusion of comedy adds a delightful dimension to the viewing experience. Kudos to Anthill Studios for creating a narrative that keeps us on the edge of our seats!

Casa De Novia review
Review Overview

The cinematography is a real treat for the eyes. Despite the extensive use of green screens, CGI, and VFX, the effects feel natural and never overshadow the story. The filmmakers have skillfully blended the supernatural elements with the create a visually delightful experience.    

  • Costumes6
  • Casting6
  • Plot6
  • Setting6
  • Story6
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