Ninety Makes A Resounding Return With ‘Sharp Attack’

Nigerian multi-talented artist, Ninety shares a sensual tune for your sex playlist.

Ninety Sharp Attack Artwork
Ninety Sharp Attack Artwork [Freeme Music]

In a much-awaited sonic rendezvous, the versatile Nigerian maestro, Ninety, graces the music scene once again with his freshest offering of the year, the captivating single titled ‘Sharp Attack’. This musical virtuoso, renowned for his multifaceted talents, pens an intimate narrative of desire and longing, weaving a tale of bedroom aspirations for his beloved.

Clocking in at just over two minutes, ‘Sharp Attack’ unfolds as a meticulously crafted, languid composition, imbued with an undeniably sensuous allure. Its unhurried tempo and soul-stirring cadence not only set the perfect sonic backdrop for sun-soaked beach escapades but also pave the way for amorous tête-à-têtes or even a moment of respite from the strains of a taxing day.

As the inaugural release of the year, ‘Sharp Attack’ possesses an unapologetic audacity that captures the essence of Ninety’s artistic evolution. This composition serves as a prelude, the opening salvo of an ambitious triad of singles poised to unfold throughout 2023. With each upcoming installment, listeners can anticipate a further immersion into the artist’s creative psyche, offering a mosaic of emotions and experiences that reflect his growth and artistic maturation.

In this symphony of desire and longing, Ninety triumphantly returns, establishing ‘Sharp Attack’ as both a testament to his musical prowess and an enticing prelude to the auditory journey that lies ahead in the coming months. As the melodic tapestry of Ninety’s artistic vision unfurls, listeners are invited to traverse the realms of passion, anticipation, and musical evolution that await within each forthcoming release.

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