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Postcards Review: Nollywood Meets Bollywood In Cinematic Harmony

Yemi, Aunty Bunmi's son, faces challenges as a dancer in Nigeria and dreams of leaving someday.

Postcards review Nollywood movie
Postcards cover [PHOTO CREDIT: Bella Naija]

This Postcards review is our attempt to unravel the Nollywood series. The Netflix series by Hamisha Daryani Ahuja, ‘Postcards’ explores the rich cultural intersections between Nigeria and India, building upon the foundation laid by her previous cross-cultural venture.

‘Postcards’ is the second Nollywood-Bollywood collaboration directed by Ahuja. She directed and produced The 2021 Netflix original ‘Namaste Wahala.’

Incorporating elements from the romantic comedy genre synonymous with Nollywood cinema, ‘Postcards’ offers a fresh perspective on themes of love, marriage, heartbreak and societal expectations.


At the heart of ‘Postcards’ lies the story of Aunty Bunmi, Alhaja Olubunmi Ajakaiye who leads a vibrant social life in Lagos, Nigeria.  After losing her husband 20 years ago, she made a decision to be the Mover and shaker of the Eko party caucus. But despite being the life of the party, she returns home, lonely and alone, to face the harsh reality of her life: her failing health and her distant son, Oluyemi, who never reaches out to her.

Aunty Bunmi continues to struggle with her health issues, after being diagnosed with fibroid. She had always neglected medical treatment and would rather use herbs or seek help from different spiritual leaders which led to no avail. But this however landed her in the hospital where the doctor advised her to travel to India for extensive diagnosis and possible surgery. Reluctant but eventually yielded, this leads to a life-changing journey for her.

Yemi, Aunty Bunmi’s son, faces challenges as a dancer in Nigeria and dreams of leaving someday. Fortunately, luck smiled upon him when an Indian agency chose him as a backup dancer in a movie. 

Olumide, Aunty Bunmi’s brother, has been settled in India for a long time, focused solely on his business pursuits. His distant demeanour and lack of interest in anything beyond business including family, make him difficult to approach and work with, except for his accountant and only friend, Kabir. However, a surprising encounter with Rekha, his lost love from three decades ago, during a property inspection shakes him to the core. Rekha, now suffering from early-stage Alzheimer’s, no longer remembers him, dashing any hopes of rekindling their past romance. This poignant moment forces Olumide to reassess his priorities and finally let go of his lingering heartbreak.

Despite Yemi’s reluctance to communicate with his mother or answer her calls, he embarks on his journey alone in India. Unfortunately, he falls victim to a scam by a house agent. On set, Yemi encounters a bully and, after several confrontations, ends up defeating him in a fight. Surprisingly, this turns out to be a blessing in disguise as Yemi is offered the lead role and a new contract in the movie.

When Aunty Bunmi arrived in India for her medical visit, she met her consultant, Dr. Siddharth Kapoor, who is married to a Nigerian woman named Zainab. They bonded over their shared Nigerian connection. Meanwhile, Siddharth and Zainab were facing marital issues because they had previously decided not to have children, but Siddharth had a change of heart. However, convincing Zainab to reconsider proved challenging.

As it became evident that surgery was inevitable, Aunty Bunmi focused on reconciling with her brother while simultaneously struggling to mend her relationship with her son.

In a tale of intertwined lives, the characters converge during Olumide’s 60th birthday dinner, forging new connections, rekindling old ones, and grappling with decisions that alter their paths. As they gather around the dinner table, they confront life-altering choices, weaving a compelling narrative of love, loss, and the enduring power of connection.


The ensemble cast of this cinematic narrative includes renowned Indian actor Rajneesh Duggal, recognized for his portrayal of Siddarth. Duggal boasts an illustrious career in Bollywood, with notable credits such as ‘Mandali’ and ‘Inspector Avinash’.

Additionally, the film showcases the talent of the late veteran Indian actor Rio Kapadia, celebrated for his roles in iconic films such as ‘Dil Chahta Hai’  and ‘Happy New Year’. Tragically, Kapadia passed away in 2023 after bravely battling cancer. In this film, he brought depth to the character of Kabir, Olumide’s trusted accountant and confidant.

Postcards review
A scene from the Netflix series, Postcards [PHOTO CREDIT: Meaww]

Sola Sobowale’s commanding presence and powerful portrayal anchor the storyline as she brings Aunty Bunmi to life on screen.

Richard Mofe-Damijo and BBN star Tobi Bakre played the roles of Olumide and Yemi respectively and as expected, delivered a stellar performance.

Rahama Sadau’s portrayal of Zainab is marked by her captivating screen presence and remarkable fluency in Hindi. Her performance adds authenticity and grace to the cultural blend central to the series, shining a light on her talent and versatility as an actor.

Nancy Isime, portraying Isioma, shines in her role despite its minor nature, displaying remarkable versatility and charm. She effortlessly transitions between light-hearted moments and more serious scenes. 

This ensemble cast, comprising talented actors collaboratively elevates ‘Postcards’ with their rich performances. Their collective effort weaves together a narrative brimming with both entertainment value and substantive depth, making the series a compelling choice for audiences seeking a fulfilling viewing experience.


The star performances from the Nigerian and Indian cast were exceptional and delightful. It fuses Nigerian and Indian language elements, like English, Yoruba and Hindi in such an exciting blend, and the music and dance sequence were as intriguing as they were entertaining.


In summary, ‘Postcards’ embarks on a rich cross-cultural journey, showcasing the growing collaboration within the Nigerian film industry. However, while the series impresses with its cinematography, offering a visually stunning exploration of India and Lagos, Nigeria, it falls short of its ambitious narrative goals.

The movie’s strength lies in its exploration of various subplots linked to Aunty Bunmi, yet this also proves to be its downfall. As the central idea becomes muddled, crucial explanations are left unaddressed, leaving viewers longing for clarity. 

In the movie’s final scenes, viewers anticipated explanations for key narrative elements, such as why Olumide and Rekha never married, but these lacked depth and realism. 

Similarly, the distance between Yemi and his mother, and why her lifestyle didn’t reflect on her son, remained unexplored. 

The rationale behind Siddarth and Zainab’s decision to forego having children remained ambiguous, as Zainab’s explanations often lacked substantive depth. Furthermore, her apprehensions regarding the intersection of her career and pregnancy failed to provide meaningful insights into her professional domain or workplace dynamics. Additionally, Isioma’s character appeared peripheral to the narrative, lacking substantial relevance or development.

Concrete explanations were notably absent, and where elucidations existed, they warranted greater depth and adequacy to effectively deliver the original plot.


Postcards review
Review Overview

‘Postcards’ weaves a complex array of characters and plot, but it often falls short of its potential. While it occasionally hits emotional highs, the overall presentation lacks the cohesion and engagement it needs to truly captivate.

  • Costumes 7
  • Casting 6
  • Plot 5
  • Setting6
  • Story7

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