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Trench To Triumph By Crayon: Powerful Debut

Crayon's gift for crafting captivating melodies earned him the colloquial moniker

Crayon Trench To Triumph Album Review
Trench To Triumph Album [Instagram/@crayonthis]

Here is Crayon Trench to Triumph album review! In the ever-evolving Nigerian music industry, the saying “If they don’t give you a seat at the table, bring a folding chair” has found its embodiment in none other than the rising star, Crayon. His journey towards stardom not only validates this adage but takes it to an almost poetic extreme. Through unwavering grit, humility, and stoicism, Crayon has navigated an industry notorious for overwhelming even the most talented.

For a considerable part of his career, Crayon assumed the role of a cheerleader, fervently supporting artists associated with him, whether closely or remotely, while simultaneously carving his path in the Nigerian music scene with a string of infectious club bangers – a majority of which only surfaced recently.

It was in 2019 when Crayon’s debut lead single ‘So Fine’ from his EP ‘Cray Cray’ hit the airwaves. Although the song received airplay, it couldn’t single-handedly catapult him into the limelight. Instead, it merely showcased the immense promise he held, sometimes even overshadowing the artist himself.

The following year seemed to cast a shadow of silence over Crayon’s recognition. Perhaps his musical talent suffered due to a lack of adequate branding and marketing visibility, with speculations suggesting he wasn’t a priority in the label’s budget plans at the time.

Yet, amid the oversight, Crayon remained resolute, maintaining a positive attitude and patiently awaiting his moment to shine. And that moment came in 2022. Hits like ‘Ijo (Laba Laba)’ and the star-studded ‘Overloading’ demonstrated Crayon’s gift for crafting captivating melodies, earning him the colloquial moniker “Captain Hook.” Breaking free from his supporting role, he fearlessly embraced the lead spotlight, proving he possessed all the necessary skills to hold his own.

Determined to establish that his 2022 success was no mere fluke, Crayon astutely blended his sound with the distinct sonics of the renowned Mozambican trio, Yaba Buluku Boyz, resulting in the creation of ‘The One (2023).’ This collaboration showcased his versatility and ability to adapt, further cementing his place among the music industry’s rising stars.

As Crayon’s journey continues, it serves as a testament to the power of persistence and self-belief. In an industry that can be unforgiving and relentless, he stands tall as a testament to the potency of bringing your own “folding chair” when the table isn’t readily set for you.

‘The One’ highlights Crayon’s LP debut. The single affirms his Trench to Triumph rhetoric. Every melodic line he belted revealed his newfound fortune; his tone told it all.

Trench to Triumph’ is a coming-of-age story for Crayon. The record is long overdue and does not fail in hammering home Crayon’s underrated qualities, such as his songwriting, vocal control, and melodic formations. The record starts with ‘Calvary Kid’. ‘Calvary Kid’ is an introspective number that revisits Crayon’s humble beginnings—the same thing as track 2 (‘Trench Kid‘). On the introductory track, he is grateful and astounded at the journey and travails that have led to his current victories.

‘Ngozi’ features label mate, Ayra Starr, and it depicts appreciation for a lover. ‘Belle Full’ featuring Victony, which also serves as the third official single off the project (following ‘Modupe’) is a beautifully produced jam that rides on Afro-bounce and melodious synths.

One track that distinctively thrives is the Don Jazzy-produced ‘L’Eko’. ‘L’Eko‘ echoes the dual nature of Crayon’s character—one that has led him thus far. ‘Adey’ is easily the most heartfelt song on the project, and it shows off Crayon’s versatility.

Crayon Trench To Triumph Album Review
Review Overview

In summary, Crayon's thirteen-track Trench to Triumph is more than a grass-to-grace tale, it is the beginning of a new day for the artist, and this project serves as the official statement.

  • Songwriting 6
  • Production 8
  • Sequencing8
  • Enjoyability7
  • Delivery6

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