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Tequila Ever After By Adekunle Gold: AG Baby’s Perfect Fifth

This unabashed audacity is even more pronounced in his fifth studio album, aptly titled 'Tequila Ever After.'

Adekunle Gold Tequila Ever After album review
Adekunle Gold [Instagram/@adekunlegold]

Here is Adekunle Gold Tequila Ever After album review! In recent years, the enigmatic morphing of Adekunle Gold has been a mesmerising spectacle for music enthusiasts. The way he continually reinvents his artistic cloak leaves a lasting impression, revealing various intriguing motives behind his evolving persona. First and foremost, it becomes evident that he perceives himself as a dynamic artist who relishes the enthralling process of evolution. Second, it seems like an earnest endeavour to prove a point to those who once confined him to a solitary box, a testament to his refusal to succumb to mere aesthetics in a game that often demands conformity. 

Whatever his intentions may be, the true motivations behind his steady rebranding remain known only to Adekunle Gold himself.

One undeniable fact amid his creative transformation is that the middle-aged singer confidently dons his dynamic robes. Embracing change with gusto, he has left behind the pseudonym AG Baby, embracing the new persona of Tio Tequila. This shift may have initially appeared impulsive to fans, yet it soon unravelled as yet another tactical move by Adekunle Gold in his quest for artistic reinvention. 

The story behind his chosen moniker is whimsical and hedonistic, showcasing the artist’s playful side. According to him, while overseas, he encountered a bottle of exquisite Patrón Tequila and, upon taking a sip, was captivated by its tranquil essence. At that moment, an epiphany struck, giving rise to the birth of a new Adekunle Gold.

Tio Tequila fearlessly embraces the lavish lifestyle that accompanies fame and success. This unabashed audacity is even more pronounced in his fifth studio album, aptly titled ‘Tequila Ever After.’ Within this musical opus lies the manifestation of Adekunle Gold’s unyielding ambition for sonic mellifluousness. Collaborating with virtuoso music producers and artists, such as Pharell Williams and Nile Rodgers on tracks like ‘Falling Up,’ AG’s musical journey over the years comes full circle.

On the opening track, the singer is winning in life yet feels burdened by an unknown sadness, one that leads him to recruit South Africa’s Ami Faku and a personal hero- the legendary Malian Guitarist, Habib Koite. Lines like “Something money cannot buy, true happiness no get price, one smoke I am alright” might come off as a cry for help, but the happy sonics emitting from the musical productions down to the trio’s delivery suggest that although all that glitters ain’t gold, it’s still alright to celebrate melancholy and other emotions that dwell within. 

‘Party No Dey Stop’ is the perfect representation of the post-tequila thrill, and Adekunle Gold makes a solid hit out of it- of course, with the help of street pop artist Zinoleesky. 

A hidden figure in the sonic success of Adekunle Gold is his right-hand man, Seyifunmi Bakare Michael known as Seyikeyz or Seyifunmi. He is to Adekunle Gold what Emory Jones is to Jay-Z, but with a twist. Although Seyifunmi enjoys his role as an entourage, he plays a pivotal role in some of AG’s hits, and he does contribute to Tequila Ever After. His piano skills come to play on songs such as ‘Soro,’ ‘Tio Baby,’ ‘Sisi Ganja,’ ‘Look What You Made (With Sinmi),’ ‘Me Do,’ and ‘To My Own.’

Speaking of pivotal contributions, Nigerian music producer Kel-P is AG’s equivalent of Mike Dean. The music producer worked on a total of nine songs on the album, including the smash hit ‘Party Don’t Stop’. 

In conclusion, Adekunle Gold’s evolution as an artist has been a captivating journey to witness. From shedding the AG Baby persona to embracing the playful and confident identity of Tio Tequila, he defies the constraints of conventional expectations. Each transformation reflects his unwavering commitment to artistic growth, leaving fans and critics alike eagerly anticipating the next chapter in the chronicles of Adekunle Gold’s musical odyssey.

Adekunle Gold Tequila Ever After album review
Review Overview

Summarising 'Tequila Ever After' is easy because it's Adekunle Gold's most outsourced body of work yet, which makes it one of the best Afrobeats to the world projects in recent times, albeit not his best effort.

  • Songwriting8
  • Production10
  • Sequencing7
  • Enjoyability7
  • Delivery8

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