150+ Swahili Baby Names For Girls And Boys With meanings

Swahili baby names offer a rich repository of meaningful and beautiful options for parents seeking to give their child a name with cultural depth and significance.

150+ Swahili Baby Names For Girls And Boys With meanings
Swahili Baby Names

Swahili baby names are a beautiful reflection of a rich cultural heritage, offering meaningful choices for parents seeking unique and profound names for their children. Originating from the Swahili-speaking regions of East Africa, these names often carry deep significance, representing virtues, natural elements, and spiritual concepts. Whether you are looking for a name that exudes strength, beauty, or faith, Swahili baby names provide a diverse array of options.

Why Choose Swahili Baby Names?

Choosing a Swahili baby name not only honours a vibrant culture but also imbues your child’s identity with a meaningful narrative. These names are often derived from Arabic, reflecting the historical trade connections and cultural exchanges between East Africa and the Arab world. Swahili names can represent various attributes such as wisdom, beauty, strength, and peace, making them an excellent choice for modern parents.

75 Swahili Girl Names with Meanings:

Swahili baby names
African baby [PHOTO CREDIT: Depositphotos]
  1. Aaliyah (Arabic): Exalted, lofty
  2. Amani (Arabic): Peace, tranquility
  3. Amina (Arabic): Trustworthy, honest
  4. Ayanna (Arabic): Beautiful flower
  5. Asha (Sanskrit): Hope, life
  6. Baraka: Blessings
  7. Binti: Daughter (often used following another name, e.g. Binti Amani – Daughter of Peace)
  8. Chetna (Sanskrit): Consciousness, awareness
  9. Chiku: The one who talks a lot
  10. Dada: Big sister
  11. Daya (Arabic): Compassion, kindness
  12. Eshe: Life
  13. Fahima (Arabic): Intelligent, understanding
  14. Fahari (Swahili): Pride, honor
  15. Farhana (Arabic): Happy, joyful
  16. Fatuma (Arabic): Weaned
  17. Hamna (Arabic): Praiseworthy
  18. Halima (Arabic): Patient, forbearing
  19. Hasina (Arabic): Beautiful
  20. Imani (Arabic): Faith
  21. Jaha: Generous
  22. Jamala: Beauty
  23. Jawhara (Arabic): Jewel, precious gem
  24. Jelena (Slavic): Bright, shining (adapted to Swahili pronunciation)
  25. Jένè (French): Paradise, garden
  26. Kamaria: Like the moon
  27. Karima (Arabic): Noble, generous
  28. Khadija (Arabic): First wife of Prophet Muhammad
  29. Laila (Arabic): Night
  30. Leila (Arabic): Night
  31. Leyla (Arabic): Night
  32. Liana (German): Compassionate, gentle
  33. Lulu (Arabic): Pearl
  34. Makena (Hawaiian): Happy, blessed
  35. Malika (Arabic): Queen
  36. Mariam (Arabic): Mary
  37. Marwa: Bitter (a type of plant used in medicine)
  38. Mhina (Arabic): Beautiful
  39. Mwanamke: Woman
  40. Nadira (Arabic): Rare, precious
  41. Naema (Arabic): Blessing, favour
  42. Naima (Arabic): Peaceful, comfortable
  43. Nala (Swahili): Lioness
  44. Naya (Arabic): Purpose, destiny
  45. Nia (Swahili): Purpose, intent
  46. Nur (Arabic): Light
  47. Pendo: Love
  48. Raha (Arabic): Comfort, ease
  49. Rahma (Arabic): Mercy, compassion
  50. Rehema (Arabic): Mercy
  51. Rehema (Arabic): Mercy
  52. Roya (Persian): Royal
  53. Safiya (Arabic): Pure, innocent
  54. Salama (Arabic): Peace
  55. Sanaa (Arabic): Brilliance, radiance
  56. Sari (Hindi): Essence, core
  57. Shani (Hebrew): Marvelous, wonderful
  58. Shwari (Swahili): White
  59. Tahira (Arabic): Pure, virtuous
  60. Talitha (Aramaic): Little girl (adapted to Swahili pronunciation)
  61. Tamu (Swahili): Sweet
  62. Tana (Swahili): Precious
  63. Taufiqah (Arabic): Success, guidance from God (feminine form of Taufiq)
  64. Tiana (Latin): Princess
  65. Zahara (Arabic): Bright, radiant
  66. Zahra (Arabic): Flower
  67. Zarina (Arabic): Golden
  68. Zuri (Swahili): Beautiful
  69. Zuhura (Arabic): Venus (the planet)
  70. Zuhrah (Arabic): Venus (the planet)
  71. Zuriah (Arabic): Descendant of light
  72. Zawadi (Arabic): Gift
  73. Zena (Arabic): Gracious, beautiful
  74. Zenaib (Arabic): Ornament, beautiful
  75. Zeko (Swahili): Intelligent

75 Swahili Boy Names with Meanings:

Swahili baby names
African baby [PHOTO CREDIT: Pinterest]
  1. Abasi: Stern, severe
  2. Abdalla (Arabic): Servant of God
  3. Abdi (Arabic): Devotee, worshiper
  4. Afari: Firstborn
  5. Akili: Intelligent, wise
  6. Asifi: Strong, powerful
  7. Azizi (Arabic): Precious, dear
  8. Baraka (Arabic): Blessings (can also be used for boys)
  9. Jabari (Arabic): Powerful, mighty
  10. Jasiri: Brave, courageous
  11. Jengo: War
  12. Jibran (Arabic): Angel Gabriel
  13. Jitu (Swahili): Mind, thought
  14. Kachiri (Swahili): Hunter
  15. Fahari (Swahili): Pride, honor
  16. Fahmi (Arabic): Understanding, intelligent
  17. Faraji (Arabic): Comfort, consolation
  18. Hamisi (Arabic): Praiseworthy (variant of Hamna)
  19. Hassan (Arabic): Good, handsome
  20. Hashim (Arabic): Breaker, destroyer (often used figuratively to mean someone who overcomes challenges)
  21. Jabali (Arabic): Strong as a rock
  22. Jamal (Arabic): Beauty
  23. Jamil (Arabic): Handsome, beautiful
  24. Jasiri (Swahili): Brave, courageous (can also be used for girls)
  25. Javah (Swahili): Answer, reply
  26. Jawad (Arabic): Generous
  27. Jelani (Swahili): Strong, powerful (adapted from a surname)
  28. Kamari (Swahili): Like the moon (can also be used for girls)
  29. Kassim (Arabic): Divider, distributor
  30. Kaua (Swahili): Firstborn son
  31. Kenza (Swahili): Treasure
  32. Kenyatta (Kikuyu): Freedom
  33. Kibaya (Swahili): Bad
  34. Kofi (Akan): Born on a Friday
  35. Fahari (Swahili): Pride, honor (can also be used for girls)
  36. Fahmi (Arabic): Understanding, intelligent (can also be used for girls)
  37. LaTIF (Arabic): Gentle, kind
  38. Leander (Greek): Lion man (adapted to Swahili pronunciation)
  39. Jabali (Arabic): Strong as a rock (can also be used for boys)
  40. Lengo (Swahili): Language, speech
  41. Luqman (Arabic): Wise
  42. Majid (Arabic): Glorious, honorable
  43. Makini (Swahili): Sharp, clever
  44. Malik (Arabic): King
  45. Mbaraka (Arabic): Blessed
  46. Mbwana (Swahili): Wild, untamed
  47. Meja (Swahili): Firstborn son
  48. Mufasa (Swahili): King (coined word from a proverb)
  49. Mwafrika (Swahili): African
  50. Mwangi (Kikuyu): Bright, shining
  51. Mustafa (Arabic): The chosen one
  52. Nahari (Arabic): Daytime
  53. Nahodha (Swahili): Captain, leader
  54. Nia (Swahili): Purpose, intent (can also be used for girls)
  55. Nuhu (Arabic): Noah
  56. Jabali (Arabic): Strong as a rock (can also be used for boys and girls)
  57. Omar (Arabic): Flourishing
  58. Othman (Arabic): Young camel (often used figuratively for someone who is strong and resilient)
  59. Rajabu (Arabic): The month of Rajab (the seventh month in the Islamic calendar)
  60. Rashid (Arabic): Rightly guided
  61. Sadiq (Arabic): Truthful, honest
  62. Sadiki (Swahili): Truthful, honest (variant of Sadiq)
  63. Salim (Arabic): Peaceful, safe
  64. Sami (Arabic): Listener, one who hears
  65. Seif (Arabic): Sword
  66. Shaka (Zulu): Powerful warrior (adapted to Swahili pronunciation)
  67. Shaka (Swahili): Fork
  68. Shahir (Arabic): Famous, well-known
  69. Shukri (Arabic): Thankful, grateful
  70. Simba (Swahili): Lion
  71. Tahadhari (Swahili): Be careful, watch out
  72. Tahir (Arabic): Pure, virtuous (completes the meaning for the previous name)
  73. Tariq (Arabic): Knocker, one who knocks (often used figuratively for someone who is a pioneer or trailblazer)
  74. Uhuru (Swahili): Freedom
  75. Zuhari (Arabic): Blooming, flourishing

The Cultural Significance of Swahili Baby Names

Swahili baby names are more than just labels; they are a reflection of a rich history and cultural tapestry. In Swahili culture, names are often chosen based on the circumstances of birth, family heritage, or desired virtues. For example, the name Juma signifies a child born on Friday, linking the child’s identity to a specific event.

Moreover, many Swahili names have spiritual connotations. Names like Imani (Faith) and Amani (Peace) are not just beautiful; they also convey a sense of spiritual aspiration and cultural pride.

Tips for Choosing the Perfect Swahili Baby Name

  1. Consider the Meaning: Reflect on the values and attributes you wish to imbue in your child.
  2. Pronunciation and Spelling: Ensure the name is easy to pronounce and spell in your cultural context.
  3. Cultural Relevance: Respect and understand the cultural significance of the name.
  4. Personal Connection: Choose a name that resonates with you personally or has significance in your family.


Swahili baby names offer a rich repository of meaningful and beautiful options for parents seeking to give their child a name with cultural depth and significance. Whether you are drawn to names that signify beauty, strength, faith, or peace, there is a Swahili name that perfectly matches your aspirations for your child. Embrace the elegance and depth of Swahili culture through these names, and give your child a name that they will cherish for a lifetime.

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