10 South African Podcasts You Need To Check Out

Here are 10 South African podcasts that you might enjoy listening to:

South African Podcasts
South African Podcasts [DW Akademie]

The reverberating effect of podcasts has spread across Africa and has led to the production of indigenous content concerned with the African experience and reality of its people. 

South African podcasts offer a buffet to the enjoyment and preference of podcast listeners, ranging from entertainment, entrepreneur, business, technology and science, politics, and inspirational talks.

Here are 10 South African podcasts that you might enjoy listening to:

Business Maverick

A podcast featuring news and insight on South African politics, business, and current events. Big topics are unwrapped for discussion by investment banker Mark Barnes and Business Maverick editor Tim Cohen.

The Burning Platform

This South African podcast offers political commentary and analysis. It is hosted by Gareth and Phumi and produced by Nando. Several political analysts and journalists join them as they discuss the week’s major news topics and analyze political trends.

Gareth Cliff Show

Hosted by Gareth Cliff and his team, they bring you an uncensored, real conversation about everything in the news, guests, edgy material, and a healthy dose of inspiration and intelligence. Without limits, there will be entertainment, provocative content, and unhinged reality. 


A podcast that gathers together South African-focused technology shows that cover the most recent news and developments in the country’s tech sector.

Sunday Times Politics Weekly 

 A weekly podcast about politics that features newsmakers’ interviews and analyses. Sunday Times Politics Weekly produced by Arena Holdings involves senior journalists from the Sunday Times engaging in a focused discourse about the week’s most important issues and challenging subjects.


Daily news reports on the important issues of the day are covered in the Polity.org.za podcast, along with weekly video interviews with some of South Africa’s most prominent political and economic commentators.

The SAfm Market Update with Moneyweb 

You can make sense of the markets with the latest business news, professional analysis, and investment knowledge provided. Economic reporter Nompu Siziba hosts the programme.

Wisdom & Wellness 

Mpoomy Ledwaba is a well-known South African internet creative and digital entrepreneur. Motherhood, forgiveness, business, and women are some of the major subjects covered on her podcast, Wisdom & Wellbeing, which aims to motivate and encourage wellness and perspective among all listeners.

Malome’s Mic 

Thato Rampedi launched his podcast in January 2022 due to the enormous benefit of the popularity of his YouTube channel. Malome’s Mic takes on various segments with a focus on life lessons, observations about the lives of young black men, and learning from his upbringing. The podcast is more pleasurable since Tladi and Lucas, two of his closest friends, co-host the episode with him.

Here’s A Thought 

Lerato and Phetola Makhetha, a husband-and-wife duo, are well-known online celebrities because of the success of their YouTube channel, The Makhs. They talk about difficult relationship issues, including thriving couples, parenting kids, and what being honest in a vibrant African relationship denotes.

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