25 African Wedding Songs Of All Time

These 25 African wedding songs of all time offer a diverse range of emotions and musical styles to enhance your special day.

African Wedding Songs of all time
African Wedding [Wedding Map]

African wedding songs are known for their vibrant celebrations, rich traditions, and, of course, the music that brings families and friends together. If you’re planning an African wedding in 2023 and beyond and looking for the perfect soundtrack to complement your special day, we’ve got you covered. In this list, we’ve curated 25 African wedding songs that will add rhythm, emotion, and cultural significance to your celebration. Whether you’re from Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa, Tanzania, or anywhere else in Africa, these songs are bound to create unforgettable moments on your big day.

African weddings are a true reflection of the continent’s diversity, with each nation and community offering its own unique customs, music, and dance. These wedding songs capture the essence of love, commitment, and unity, mirroring the kaleidoscope of African cultures. So, whether you envision a classic and romantic atmosphere or a lively and spirited celebration, these songs will help you curate a playlist that resonates with your heritage and speaks to your heart. From the soulful melodies of Nigerian love ballads to the lively rhythms of South African beats, your African wedding playlist will set the stage for a memorable journey into matrimony.

Here are 25 African wedding songs for 2023;

1. Flavour – ‘Ada Ada’ (Nigeria)

Flavour’s ‘Ada Ada’ is a charming Nigerian ballad that pays homage to both love and tradition. It’s a heartwarming choice for any Nigerian wedding, where culture and romance blend seamlessly.

2. Flavour – ‘Ololufe’ (Nigeria)

‘Ololufe’ by Flavour is another beautiful love song that beautifully captures the essence of deep affection and connection, making it an ideal addition to your wedding playlist. It is one of the best African wedding songs of all time.

3. Medikal – Ayekoo Feat. King Promise (Ghana)

Ghanaian artists Medikal and King Promise collaborated on the enchanting track ‘Ayekoo,’ which celebrates love and commitment, making it a fantastic choice for a Ghanaian wedding.

4. 2Baba – ‘African Queen’ (Nigeria)

‘African Queen’ by 2Baba is a timeless classic that has been a staple at African weddings for years. Its romantic lyrics and soulful melody make it a perfect choice for celebrating love. This is one of the top African wedding songs of all time. ‘African Queen’ is no doubt one of the best African wedding songs of all time.

5. LaSauce & Amanda Black – ‘I Do’ (South Africa)

This South African duet by LaSauce and Amanda Black, ‘I Do,’ is a beautiful declaration of love, commitment, and the journey of marriage. It’s a fantastic choice for a South African wedding, where soulful melodies meet powerful lyrics.

6. Psquare – ‘No One Like You’ (Nigeria)

Psquare’s ‘No One Like You’ is a celebration of unique love and a fitting choice for any Nigerian wedding ceremony, expressing the one-of-a-kind bond between a couple. As one of the best African wedding songs of all time, ‘No One Like You’ is one of a kind.

7. Zuchu – ‘Raha’ (Tanzania)

Tanzanian sensation Zuchu’s ‘Raha’ is all about joy and happiness, making it a lively addition to your wedding playlist. Its upbeat rhythm and joyful lyrics are bound to get everyone in a celebratory mood.

8. Prince Nico Mbarga – ‘Sweet Mother’ (Nigeria)

‘Sweet Mother’ by Prince Nico Mbarga is a Nigerian classic that pays tribute to the role of mothers in our lives, making it perfect for a touching wedding moment when families come together to celebrate love. This is one of the top African wedding songs of all time.

9. BRENDA FASSIE – Wedding Day (South Africa)

South African legend Brenda Fassie’s ‘Wedding Day’ is a song dedicated to the celebration of love and matrimony, bringing a touch of South African spirit to your wedding.

10. Patoranking – ‘My Woman My Everything’ Feat. Wande Coal (Nigeria)

Patoranking and Wande Coal’s collaboration ‘My Woman My Everything’ expresses deep affection and is a great choice for your wedding playlist. The song beautifully portrays the importance of one’s partner in life.

11. Vusi Nova –’ Ndikuthandile’ (South Africa)

South African artist Vusi Nova’s ‘Ndikuthandile’ is a heartfelt love song that resonates with many couples, making it a fantastic wedding song. This soulful track carries the emotions of love and commitment.

12. CKay – ‘Love Nwantiti’ Feat. Joeboy & Kuami Eugene (Nigeria)

‘Love Nwantiti’ is a contemporary Nigerian hit featuring CKay, Joeboy, and Kuami Eugene. It’s groovy beat and romantic lyrics will get everyone dancing. It’s an excellent choice for couples who want to start their marriage with joy and celebration.

13. E.L – ‘Auntie Martha’ (Ghana)

Ghanaian rapper E.L’s ‘Auntie Martha’ is a lively and playful song that can add some fun and energy to your wedding celebration. This song brings a touch of Ghanaian humour and rhythm to the dance floor.

14. Timi Dakolo – ‘Iyawo Mi’ (Nigeria)

‘Iyawo Mi’ by Timi Dakolo is a Nigerian ballad that beautifully expresses the devotion of a groom to his bride. It’s a heartwarming choice for your wedding, showcasing the depth of love between the couple. ‘Iyamo Mi’ is definitely one of the African wedding songs you can’t afford to not add to your wedding playlist.

15. Paul Dairo – ‘Angel Of My Life’ (Nigeria)

Paul Dairo’s ‘Angel Of My Life’ is a classic Nigerian love song with a timeless charm, making it an excellent addition to your wedding playlist. It celebrates the beauty and grace of the bride, creating a perfect atmosphere for your special day.

16. Saida Karoli – ‘Nakupenda’ (Tanzania)

Tanzanian artist Saida Karoli’s ‘Nakupenda’ is a captivating and heartfelt song that expresses love and devotion. It’s a wonderful choice to create an emotional and romantic moment during your wedding ceremony.

17. Mafikizolo – ‘Udakwa Njalo’ (South Africa)

South African duo Mafikizolo’s ‘Udakwa Njalo’ is a lively and dance-worthy song that can infuse energy into your wedding reception. It’s a great pick to get everyone on the dance floor.

18. KiDi – ‘Odo’ (Ghana)

Ghanaian artist KiDi’s ‘Odo’ is a love song that radiates warmth and affection, suitable for your Ghanaian wedding. The song beautifully expresses the sweetness of love between partners.

19. Magixx – ‘Love Don’t Cost A Dime’ Feat. Ayra Starr (Nigeria)

Magixx and Ayra Starr’s ‘Love Don’t Cost A Dime’ is a contemporary Nigerian track that celebrates love without material concerns. It highlights the purity and simplicity of love, which is a beautiful message for a wedding.

20. Gyakie – ‘Forever’ Feat. Omah Lay (Ghana)

Ghanaian singer Gyakie’s ‘Forever,’ featuring Omah Lay, is a romantic ballad that speaks of eternal love. It’s perfect for creating a timeless and intimate atmosphere during your wedding.

21. Sarkodie – Can’t Let You Go Feat. King Promise (Ghana)

Sarkodie and King Promise’s ‘Can’t Let You Go’ is a heartfelt Ghanaian song about holding onto love. It’s a great choice for capturing the essence of an enduring commitment at your wedding.

22. Toofan – ‘GWETA’ (Togo)

Toofan’s ‘GWETA’ is a Togolese hit that’s bound to get everyone on their feet and dancing during your wedding reception. It’s a high-energy choice to add some excitement to your celebration.

23. Diamond Platnumz – ‘Marry You’ Feat. Ne-Yo (Tanzania)

Diamond Platnumz’s collaboration with Ne-Yo, ‘Marry You,’ is a cross-cultural celebration of love and commitment. It’s a fantastic choice to showcase the blending of different cultures at a Tanzanian wedding.

24. Yemi Alade – ‘Marry Me’ (Nigeria)

Yemi Alade’s ‘Marry Me’ is a Nigerian love song that beautifully captures the essence of a wedding celebration. It’s a joyful and celebratory choice for your big day.

25. Sauti Sol – ‘Melanin’ Feat. Patoranking (Kenya)

Sauti Sol and Patoranking’s ‘Melanin’ is a song celebrating the beauty and essence of African women. It’s a wonderful choice to celebrate the beauty of African culture and women during your Kenyan wedding.

These 25 African wedding songs of all time offer a diverse range of emotions and musical styles to enhance your special day. Whether you’re planning a wedding in Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa, Tanzania, or any other African country, you’ll find a song that resonates with your love story. Set the mood, hit the dance floor, and make your wedding unforgettable with these enchanting African wedding songs. Each of these songs brings its unique charm and cultural relevance to your celebration, ensuring that your wedding will be a day to remember. Whether you choose classic ballads or upbeat dance tracks, these songs will provide the perfect backdrop for your love story and celebration of your union. So, get ready to create lasting memories with these 25 African wedding songs in 2023.

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