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Wedding Night Blues Review: Laughter, Secrets, And A Love Worth Fighting For

With his ego bruised, Nosa shuts Wonu out and insists that she abort the baby.

Wedding Night Blues Review
Wedding Night Blues cover [PHOTO CREDIT: Prime Video]

In our Wedding Night Blues review, we delve into a rom-com that goes beyond honeymoon jitters. Nosa and Wonuola are newlyweds who made a vow to remain celibate until their wedding night, hoping it would be the most beautiful night of their lives. Unfortunately, they both find themselves at a crossroads; one is a past victim of sexual abuse looking to heal, and the other, is a victim of present abuse looking for acceptance. ‘Wedding Night Blues’, An Amazon Prime movie directed by Temitope Bolade, delves into their journey, exploring the complexities they face and the profound effect it has on their lives.


What was supposed to be a perfect wedding night turned into a night of revelations. Thirty hours after their wedding, Wonu and Nosa faced a challenge that could have tainted their marriage. Wonu, who had chosen celibacy for two years, eagerly anticipated their first night together, only to be disappointed when Nosa feigned stomach pain to avoid revealing his sexual fantasies. However, this secret was short-lived when they received a wedding present containing sex toys and incriminating pictures of Nosa leaving Wonu furious and devastated. Meanwhile, When Wonu tries to leave the house, she suddenly collapses. 

In a pivotal moment of ‘Wedding Night Blues’, Wonu’s collapse marks the beginning of a dramatic twist—the confirmation of her pregnancy. This revelation leaves both Wonu and Nosa reeling with shock. Fuelled by Wonu’s perceived betrayal, Nosa seeks solace in the arms of his ex-lover, Vera, delving into a world of forbidden desires.

As communication breaks down and tensions escalate, Wonu turns to counselling.  In a startling turn of events, Nosa’s impulsive attack towards the counsellor, Dr. Badmus, forces him to confront his own demons. What begins as a simple apology transforms into a catalyst for deeper revelations for Wonu and Nosa.

After several counselling sessions, Wonu eventually discloses to Dr. Badmus the circumstances surrounding her unexpected pregnancy. She reveals a gruesome incident that occurred two months ago involving her ex-partner who gifted her a car, but upon returning the gift, sexually assaulted her. However, he was incarcerated later in the movie, for beating a girl to death in a foreign country.

As Nosa’s visits to the counsellor became more frequent, he agreed to have a sit-down session with Wonu. During this session, Nosa opens up about the origins of his sexual desires, sharing that his first sexual experience occurred at 16 years old with his mother’s best friend, who was also a coded dominatrix. This experience played a significant role in shaping his sexual orientation. In the spirit of open communication, Wonu also reveals to Nosa the incident with her ex which eventually resulted in the meeting ending on a sour note. With his ego bruised, Nosa shuts Wonu out and insists that she abort the baby.

Wonu, determined to salvage their marriage, ultimately decides to terminate the pregnancy. However, as she goes to share the news with Nosa, she finds him in a compromising situation, caught in a kiss with Vera. In the unfolding narrative, the tide appeared to shift favourably for Wonu, with Nosa earnestly pursuing forgiveness. However, an abrupt downturn ensued, leading to Wonu’s hospitalisation due to profound emotional distress. In the wake of this development, Nosa promptly makes his way to the hospital upon being informed of the situation. Subsequently, the doctor delivers the distressing diagnosis of an ectopic pregnancy, necessitating an immediate and decisive termination, to which Wonu consents.

Following the operation and Nosa’s diligent care in nursing her back to health, they mutually forgave each other. However, despite reconciliation, they sensed a lingering divide between them. Consequently, they sought further counselling with Dr. Badmus, which ultimately prompted Nosa to decisively terminate his relationship with Vera. This marked the inception of a new chapter for both parties, promising a fresh start and renewed prospects.


Uzor Arukwe and Uche Montana delivered outstanding performances, portraying the roles of Nosa and Wonu with remarkable skill and authenticity.

Kamil Audu and Dirichi Bright also left a lasting impression as Kunle and Chioma showcased their talents adeptly. However, the portrayal of Vera by Chy Nwakanma may fail to meet the expectations of the audience.

 Additionally, performances were made by actors such as Okey Uzoeshi as the counsellor, Tochi Akparanta, and others.


English was the predominant language in ‘Wedding Night Blues’. 

In summary, ‘Wedding Night Blues’ emerges as a compelling film with a solid narrative foundation. From its captivating opening scene, viewers are drawn into a storyline rich with intrigue and emotion. The revelation of Wonu’s pregnancy serves as a grand twist, which makes the viewers remain glued to their screens. 

Throughout the film’s duration, the plot maintains a consistent momentum, ensuring a satisfying viewing experience. Additionally, the carefully chosen cast members effectively breathe life into their respective roles, enhancing the overall impact of the movie.


Review Overview

Overall, ‘Wedding Night Blues’ stands as a testament to the power of storytelling and skillful filmmaking.

  • Costumes6
  • Casting6
  • Plot6
  • Setting4
  • Story7
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