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Prezz Play By Pawzz: The Ideal Debut Project

With the release of his five-track extended play debut, ostentatiously titled

Pawzz Prezz Play Review
Pawzz [Freeme Music]

While most twenty-one-year-olds are probably exiting the four walls of a university building, oblivious of what the next big move in their fully-fledged lives will be, Benue-bred singer Pawzz seems clear on the path he has chosen for himself: music, a universal language. The nascent act couldn’t make his choice more glaring than with the release of a five-track extended play debut, which he ostentatiously titled ‘Prezz Play’.

In a broad view, Pawzz is part of an experimental generation of young African musical talents, a generation that calls the bluff of so-called set ‘rules’ of how music should be approached. A simple twelve-minute listen would convince an attentive listener of the statement above. Now, let’s dive into Pawzz Prezz Play review;

On Prezz Play,’ the Nigerian singer fiddles with traditional genres such as R&B, Pop, and Jazz (albeit subtle), alongside newer styles of music such as the percussive-ridden Afro-beats and Amapiano.

The sonic curtain opens with ‘My mind’. The singer dauntlessly rhymes over a lush blend of pop-influenced melodies with hip-hop kicks and snares to set the singer in full motion as he confesses his undying endearment to a lover.

Next in sequence is ‘Koma’, the lead track off the project. In all honesty, ‘Koma’ is an earworm, blessed with all the ingredients of a club banger, but as far as authenticity and uniqueness go, it’s below par. The single sounds like a never-ending loop of songs you have heard before. 

Suga’ takes flight with electric piano chord progressions. The mid-tempo track is accompanied by a body-swinging percussive jive, and just when you think the record is getting boring, Pawzz amps up the flow and delivers an energetic delivery toward the climax.

‘Body Language’ is sexy, audacious, and very catchy. This song brings out Pawzz’s artistry and also showcases his vocal dexterity. The Afro-rhythm and blues beat expose a part of him that was hidden throughout the EP; it reveals Pawzz, the melodic wiz.

In a nutshell, Pawzz begins his career by playing it safe. He embodies various melodies, genres, and moods in the hopes of reaching a wider audience and increasing his chances of success. Regardless of strategy, it is an excellent first project.

Pawzz Prezz Play EP
Review Overview

In short, Pawzz starts out his career by being conservative. In order to reach a larger audience and improve his chances of success, he adopts a variety of tunes, genres, and moods.

  • Songwriting7
  • Production8
  • Sequencing9
  • Enjoyability8
  • Delivery7

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