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Omah Lay Shares Psychic Video For ‘Soso’

Omah Lay has lots to tell us in 'Soso' video directed by Topshotta for Fax films.

‘Soso,’ the record released alongside his debut studio album ‘Boy Alone,’ bears Omah Lay’s burden and loosened vulnerability. Professing his gnashing agony, sorrow, those wear and tear moments which had crossed his path in time past and recently. So he proclaimed, so, so take my pain away.

Perhaps temporarily, but who knows what would happen next? Who knows what his closet is like? Do you have any idea? Whether or not he would be welcomed in paradise. Who knows what decisions he made? Only the Lord is aware. “I don’t break commandment/I can’t stay for one place,” he says in his lyrics. He sings with such genuine pain. This isn’t out of context, but there’s something special about art. It can be a spontaneous utterance of the artist’s self as a result of certain circumstances or experiences. In ‘Soso,’ Omah Lay isn’t singing the blues, but all of these songs stem from a common source. Some can be traced back to his ancestors.

Yes, Afrobeats has always been the thing for me but I first started off in hip-hop as a rapper. Then I started trying out music production. But the fact is I’m Nigerian, I’m African. I felt it was best I give what I really own and can give better when it’s actually mine. Afrobeats is in my blood.

Omah lay, 2022 [Hypebeast]

The various display tells an in-depth story for the spectacular Top Shotta directed visuals of Omah Lay’s ‘Soso.’ To begin, the masquerade in the visual refers to a deity influence on which he is relying. Second, a scene depicts him bowing to the deity. Another scene showed him lying on a bare floor near the seaside. He pounded the floor hard, displaying the extreme anguish he has been subjected to.

In Omah Lay Soso video, The female casts are all dressed in black and are dancing around him, baptizing from his head all over his white over-sized hood. He was baptized with various colors of paint while left alone to express how intense his pain was.

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