Enoch Kenyatta

Enoch Kenyatta is an AI content writer, and researcher from Kenya. He is a young African with core interest in African culture, movies, music and politics.

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Black people - black family - black culture (1)

Black Culture: Everything You Need To Know

Discover the vibrant tapestry of black culture, where music, fashion, traditions, and influential contributions collide. From...

How To Stream 2023 BET Awards Live In Africa

How To Stream 2023 BET Awards Live In Africa

It’s time to celebrate the 2023 BET Awards Live, where we honour the best in music, acting,...

Himba Women of Northern Namibia

Interesting Facts About The Himba Women Of Namibia

The Himba tribe, residing in the Kunene region of Namibia, is renowned for its rich cultural...

Snowfall in Africa: African countries where snow falls

Snowfall In Africa: Discover The African Countries Where Snow Falls

Snowfall in Africa? Contrary to popular belief, snowfall is not an unheard-of phenomenon in certain parts...

Riyad Mahrez joins the List Of African Players Who Won The Champions League

African Players Who Won The Champions League

Here is a comprehensive list of all African players who won the Champions League. The UEFA...

How to twerk like an African

How To Twerk Like An African

Trying to learn how to twerk? here you go! Twerking has gained immense popularity over the...

Ota Benga

The Tragic Tale Of Ota Benga: Unmasking Enduring Racial Prejudice

In 1904, Ota Benga, a young African man from Congo, was forcibly taken to the United...

Melanesians Black Blonde Hair

Melanesians: Exploring The Origins Of Natural Black Blondes

Melanesians, an indigenous population inhabiting the islands of the Pacific, have long captivated scientists and enthusiasts...

Himba Tribe that offers wife to guests

Himba Tribe: The African Tribe That Offers Wife To Guests

The Himba Tribe, also known as the OvaHimba, is a pastoral and semi-nomadic community located in...

How To Dance Like An Africa

How To Dance Like An African In 7 Simple Steps

Learning how to dance is an exciting journey, and if you’ve ever been captivated by the...