12 Times Chris Brown Collaborated With Afrobeats Artists

Chris Brown, the versatile superstar, has emerged as a notable collaborator in the world of Afrobeats.

All Chris Brown Collaborations With Afrobeats Artists
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Chris Brown Afrobeats‘ could be a term considering how many times the American singer-songwriter has worked with Afrobeats artists. In the ever-evolving global music landscape, artists like Chris Brown have boldly ventured into diverse genres, embracing a cultural exchange that adds vibrant hues to their musical palette. Chris Brown, the versatile superstar, has emerged as a notable collaborator in the world of Afrobeats. The year 2022, in particular, witnessed a significant surge in his Afro-centric projects, earning him the lighthearted title of “Afrobeats Artiste of the Year” among fans on Twitter. Today, we embark on a captivating journey, tracing the pivotal moments when Chris Brown’s artistry intertwined with the rhythms of Afrobeats.

Here is a timeline of highlighting 12 times Chris Brown has collaborated with Afrobeats artists;

‘Shabba’ with Wizkid (July 2016)

In July 2016, the American singer took his maiden voyage into the world of Afrobeats, embarking on a transformative collaboration with Afrobeats luminaries WizKid, Trey Songz, and French Montana in ‘Shabba.’ This musical alliance signified a groundbreaking cross-continental connection, marking Chris Brown’s initial exploration of the Afro sound. The Afro vibes seamlessly woven into this track offered a glimpse of what was to come.

‘Your Number (Remix)’ with Ayo Jay (August 2016)

London-born Nigerian crooner Ayo Jay’s ‘Your Number’ received a transcontinental makeover in August 2016 when Chris Brown and Kid Ink contributed to the remix. This Afro-infused track not only elevated Ayo Jay’s prominence but also demonstrated Chris Brown’s growing affinity for Afro rhythms.

‘African Bad Gyal’ with Wizkid (June 2017)

The harmonious chemistry between the American singer and WizKid continued to blossom in ‘African Bad Gyal,’ featured in WizKid’s ‘Sounds from the Other Side’ album in June 2017. In this melodic masterpiece, both artists celebrated the allure of African women, reflecting their deep appreciation for African culture.

‘Blow My Mind’ with Davido (July 2019)

The Afrobeat saga took an even more profound turn in July 2019 when Nigerian Afrobeats sensation Davido collaborated with Chris Brown on ‘Blow My Mind.’ Beyond being a musical collaboration, this track marked the genesis of a genuine friendship between the two artists. This partnership highlighted the magnetic pull of Afrobeats on global artists.

‘Lower Body’ with Davido (October 2019)

‘Lower Body,’ a track from American singer’s ‘Indigo’ album released in October 2019, featured Davido once again. This Afrobeat-infused gem provided fans with a relaxed and melodic Afro ambience. The track underlined the fluidity of Chris Brown’s musical journey.

‘Shopping Spree’ with Davido (November 2020)

In ‘Shopping Spree,’ Davido and Chris Brown’s chemistry continued to ignite, bolstered by the inclusion of a dynamic verse from Atlanta rapper Young Thug. This charismatic collaboration showcased the affluence and allure of Afrobeats, solidifying its place on the global stage.

‘Monalisa’ (Remix) with Sarz & Lojay (June 2021)

The remix of ‘Monalisa,’ initially a standout Afrobeat track, was turbocharged to international stardom when the American singer joined forces with Sarz and Lojay in June 2021. This remix exemplified the global reach of Afrobeats and the transcendent appeal of Chris Brown.

‘Time N Affection’ with Rema (March 2022)

In March 2022, Chris Brown partnered with Mavin signee Rema for ‘Time N Affection,’ a track blending R&B and Afrobeats. The song beautifully conveyed the devotion and passion between lovers and underscored the American singer’s versatility in infusing Afro elements into his music.

‘Call Me Every Day’ with Wizkid (June 2022)

In June 2022, Chris Brown and WizKid’s longstanding friendship outside of music bore fruit with ‘Call Me Every Day.’ This collaboration marked the culmination of multiple creative studio sessions, signalling a shift from playful experimentation to crafting a “real record.” The song received acclaim from music critics and charted on Billboard, further cementing Chris Brown’s place in the Afrobeats realm.

‘Diana’ with Fireboy DML (August 2022)

One of the standout tracks from Fireboy DML’sPlayBoy‘ album, ‘Diana’ was a star-studded collaboration featuring Chris Brown and Jamaican dancehall diva Shenseea. In this track, Fireboy and Brown declared their love for “Diana,” all while navigating relationship intricacies born from mistrust. Shenseea added a feminine perspective, contributing to the track’s rich narrative.

‘Nobody Has To Know’ with Davido (July 2022)

Chris Brown’s enduring friendship with Davido culminated in ‘Nobody Has to Know,’ forming their fourth official collaboration. This track was part of the deluxe edition of Brown’s “Breezy” album, underscoring the enduring bond between these two artists.

‘Sensational’ with Davido & Lojay (October 2023)

The latest track, ‘Sensational’ is a notable reunion in the Afrobeats scene. American singer Chris Brown has joined forces with Nigerian artists Davido and Lojay to release this infectious hit. This collaboration underscores Afrobeats’ global appeal, combining Chris Brown’s versatility with Davido’s success and Lojay’s fresh talent. ‘Sensational’ demonstrates the genre’s ability to unite artists from different backgrounds and is set to be a massive hit.

In essence, Chris Brown’s journey into Afrobeats represents a significant cultural exchange, transcending borders and genres. His collaborations with Afrobeats artists are not just musical ventures; they symbolise a deep connection between artists and cultures, forging a harmonious bridge between Chris Brown and the vibrant world of Afrobeats. As his music continues to resonate with Afrobeats enthusiasts, it is clear that Chris Brown has found a home in this rhythmic, infectious genre, furthering his own artistic evolution and contributing to the global Afro-music phenomenon.

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