Enoch Kenyatta

Enoch Kenyatta is an AI content writer, and researcher from Kenya. He is a young African with core interest in African culture, movies, music and politics.

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best kenyan movies on netflix

10 Best Kenyan Movies On Netflix

Just as you would have thought, there are Kenyan movies on Netflix. Kenya’s film industry, nicknamed...

Mansa Musa Is The Richest Man In History

Mansa Musa, The Richest Man In History, Is An African

Augustus Caesar and John D. Rockefeller are considered to be wealthier than Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos,...

2023 African Election Calendar

2023 African Election Calendar: All Elections Happening This Year

As nations have crucial elections, 2023 looks to be a hectic year for African politics and...

strange traditions in Africa

10 Strange Traditions In Africa That Are Still Practiced

There are many unusual customs practiced throughout Africa, many of which are unknown to the rest...

10 Romantic Places In Africa

10 Romantic Places In Africa You Should Visit With Your Partner

African romance destinations provide the peace and intimacy required for the most romantic vacation possible. Although...

7 Culturally Rich African Movies You Should Watch

7 Culturally Rich African Movies You Should Watch

Explore African culture, history, and landscapes with a selection of culturally rich African movies! Get an...

Silverton Siege Review
Movie Reviews

Silverton Siege Review: A Cinematic Roller Coaster

Looking for a high-octane action thriller? ‘Silverton Siege’ may be just the movie for you. Based...