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Head Over Bills Review: A Well-Curated Cast Is Not Enough

The ensemble cast of ‘Head over Bills’ was meticulously curated, resulting in an engaging viewing experience. 

Head Over Bills review
Head Over Bills cover [PHOTO CREDIT: Prime Video]

This Head Over Bills review is everything! An Amazon Prime movie Directed by Dabby Chimere, ‘Head Over Bills’ delves into the life of Mrs Ofili, a formidable business mogul and mother, who faces the challenge of choosing her successor among her privileged and spoiled daughters. As Mrs Ofili battles her health issues, her daughters embark on a journey of self-discovery amidst the pressure to gain their mother’s approval.


The movie begins with a poignant scene at a hospital reception, where two young girls await the arrival of their sibling as their mother, Mrs. Ofili, goes into labour. This marks the beginning of a journey shaped by loss and resilience. It follows with an interview which was being held years later of Mrs Ofili played by Shaffy Bello,  now a successful business mogul, the CEO Of Starlight Group and a top company which she built from the ground up while raising three daughters alone after the death of her husband. The three daughters are clearly privileged, but Oluchi and Cheta are the spoiled ones, with Oluchi known for her lack of respect and Cheta famous for her extravagant spending. Muna, on the other hand, works in Starlight and is the only daughter poised to take after their mother.

As Mrs Ofili confronts her daughters’ reckless spending habits during a breakfast meeting and possible financial grounding, the plot takes a new turn, setting them on a journey of self-discovery through love and heartbreak. 

Oluchi Ofili, the eldest daughter of Mrs. Ofili. At 37 and still unmarried, Oluchi has developed a knack for pushing away potential suitors. But things take a dramatic turn when she becomes the target of blackmail on a one-night stand. In a surprising twist, she teams up with her blackmailer Neo, played by the popular BBN star, Prince Nelson  Enwerem. However, the plan takes an unexpected detour when Oluchi discovers that Neo has a pregnant girlfriend. This revelation leaves her feeling betrayed and shocked. The viewers were equally taken aback by this plot twist, as the transition from blackmailer to someone who betrays her trust was poorly explained.

Chetachi’s character arc is a compelling aspect of the narrative, as audiences witness her transformation from a frivolous spender to a driven entrepreneur. However, this lacked credibility and real touch as the filmmaker failed to show the growth process, and business planning through which Chetachi achieved this feat. Emeka Nwagbaraocha’s portrayal of Mike was skillfully portrayed as the catalyst for Chetachi’s development. While viewers may have desired further exploration of the romantic dynamic between Chetachi and Mike, the film’s conclusion proves satisfactory and meaningful.

Munachi, who evokes epitome of filial perfection, finds herself entangled in a love affair that some might label as a betrayal, given her involvement with Jesse, the CEO of a rival company. The character of  Jesse initially captivates, until a somewhat jarring shift occurs when the character’s Hausa ethnicity is suddenly emphasised, seemingly out of context. This attempt at cultural representation was humorous and detracts from the narrative cohesion. Despite this narrative hiccup, the palpable chemistry between Munachi and Jesse remains a highlight, adding depth and intrigue to the storyline.

The unfolding of the daughters’ newfound life stages coincides with the revelation of their mother’s illness, a diagnosis of muscular dystrophy that she had concealed from them. The portrayal of this revelation may be perceived as exaggerated initially, as viewers are left to speculate on the nature of the illness.

‘Head over Bills’ had the potential to be a sophisticated and luxurious movie, yet it fails to fully deliver on this promise. Despite frequent discussions about vast sums of money, the opulence fails to translate effectively to the wardrobe, sets, and overall production design. Instead, viewers are left with only fleeting glimpses of the mansion’s exterior, leaving much to be desired in terms of visual extravagance.


The ensemble cast of ‘Head over Bills’ was meticulously curated, resulting in an engaging viewing experience. 

Shaffy Bello’s portrayal as the sophisticated and elegant mother was a perfect fit, while Ego Nwosu flawlessly embodied the persona of the ideal daughter. 

Bimbo Ademoye’s performance once again showcased her exceptional acting prowess. However, the casting choice of Racheal Okonkwo as Munachi may have offered a more suitable portrayal.

Emeka Nwagbaraocha’s depiction of the nerdy character was unequivocally a delightful performance. 

Anita Joseph’s portrayal of Cheta’s bodyguard was impeccably executed. Additionally, the film featured notable performances from Prince Nelson Enwerem, Mofe Duncan, DJ Barbie, and other talented individuals.


English was the predominant language in the movie. It also featured Igbo and colloquial phrases which were a perfect blend for a Nigerian movie.

‘Head over Bills’ proves to be an engaging viewing experience primarily due to its well-curated casting. However, it is disheartening when a filmmaker squanders a promising premise and talented actors on a poorly executed production. This can be seen as the aspects in the story that truly need fleshing out are never given enough attention. One crucial aspect that requires attention is the actual nature of The Starlight Group’s business, which plays a pivotal role in the narrative. Additionally, significant changes and character growth appear to occur off-screen, resulting in a disjointed timeline that impedes viewer immersion and connection with the storyline.

Head Over Bills review
Review Overview

‘Head over Bills’ proves to be an engaging viewing experience primarily due to its well-curated casting. However, it is disheartening when a filmmaker squanders a promising premise and talented actors on a poorly executed production.

  • Costumes 4
  • Casting6
  • Plot 4
  • Setting6
  • Story4
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