Chivido 2024: 7 Love Songs Davido Probably Wrote For Chioma

Over the years, Davido has expressed his deep affection for Chioma through his music, creating timeless love songs that capture their bond.

Chivido 2024 7 Love Songs Davido Probably Wrote For Chioma
Davido and Chioma [PHOTO CREDIT: Instagram/@davido]

Nigerian singer and songwriter David Adeleke best known as Davido is about to walk down the aisle with his fiance, Chioma, in an event tagged Chivido 2024. The romantic journey between Davido and Chioma remains a focal point of their admiration. Davido and Chioma are expected to get married today, June 25, 2024, somewhere in Lagos, Nigeria.

Over the years, Davido has expressed his deep affection for Chioma through his music, creating timeless love songs that capture their bond.

Chivido 2024: Here are seven love songs Davido probably wrote for Chioma, showcasing the evolution of their beautiful relationship;

1. Fia (2017)

Davido’s hit song Fia is widely believed to be inspired by his relationship with Chioma. The song’s lyrics express deep affection and admiration, capturing the essence of a love that has faced challenges but remains strong. The repeated line “If you no get money, hide your face” hints at the pressures of fame and wealth. Still, the song’s core is about unwavering love and commitment, themes that resonate with Davido’s public relationship with Chioma.

2. Assurance (2018)

One of Davido’s most famous love songs, Assurance, was directly dedicated to Chioma. The song’s release coincided with Davido’s public declaration of love for her, including gifting her a Porsche. The lyrics are filled with promises and declarations of love, making it clear that Chioma is the inspiration behind the heartfelt words.

3. 1 Milli (2019)

1 Milli is another beautiful love song that fans associate with Chioma. Released in 2019, the song’s lyrics talk about spending lavishly on the one you love, a nod to Davido’s affection and dedication to Chioma. The video features a traditional wedding theme, symbolizing their bond.

4. If (2019)

The song If showcases Davido’s romantic side, with lyrics that emphasize his willingness to go to great lengths for the woman he loves. The iconic line “Love is sweet, but when money enters, love is sweeter” reflects Davido’s playful yet sincere expression of his feelings. Many fans speculate that the passion and devotion in the song are directed towards Chioma.

5. Very Special (2020)

Very Special from Davido’s 2020 album A Better Time is a sweet serenade. The lyrics emphasize how unique and cherished the person is, making it a likely dedication to Chioma. The song highlights Davido’s admiration and the special place Chioma holds in his heart.

6. Jowo (2020)

Jowo is another gem from the same album, celebrated for its romantic vibes and melodic flow. The lyrics express a deep longing and appreciation for a significant other, leading fans to believe it was inspired by Chioma. The song’s popularity only added to its status as a love anthem.

7. No Competition feat. Asake (2023)

The latest in this collection is No Competition featuring Asake, released in 2023. The song underscores the idea that no one can rival Chioma in Davido’s eyes. Its heartfelt message and catchy tune make it a perfect tribute to their enduring love story.

As we look forward to Chivido 2024, these songs remind us of the beautiful journey Davido and Chioma have shared. Each track reflects a chapter of their love story, resonating with fans worldwide who celebrate their unique bond.

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