10 Rising Nollywood Actors You Should Know In 2023

Here are 10 rising Nollywood actors you should look forward to their prominence in 2023.

Rising Nollywood Actors 2023
Rising Nollywood Actors 2023

It is amazing to see new and versatile actors and actresses gracing the Nollywood cinematic stage from different walks of life. Nollywood has been home to both young and old, experienced and promising artists who have held viewers bound to various genres of films presented on cinematic platforms. 

In recent years, the Nollywood audience has witnessed the rise of promising actors and actresses who have become their favourites.

Here are 10 rising Nollywood actors you should look forward to their prominence in 2023: 

Temiloluwa Fosudo

Temiloluwa Fosudo is an actor, playwright, and filmmaker. He is the seasoned performer Sola Fosudo’s son. He made his acting debut in the 2019 short film ‘And The Winner Is…’ and went on to appear in films like ‘In Ibadan’ (2021). However, the portrayal of Sanmi in ‘The Griot’ in 2022 marked the beginning of his career. He has the talent to effectively portray a variety of characters.

Genoveva Umeh 

In May 2022, Genoveva Umeh appeared on Nigerian television. She portrayed Timileyin, Kola’s problematic sister (played by Deyemi Okanlawon), in the popular Netflix film ‘Blood Sisters.’ She returned to the big screen as Ozinna in ‘Far From Home’ later in December 2022, garnering accolades for her performance once more. For this young and gifted actress, the sky seemed to be the beginning.

Diane Russet

After being chosen as a housemate for Big Brother Naija’s fourth season, Diane Russet gained popularity. 

In Nollywood films like ‘Storm’, ‘Recordi’, ‘Bayi’, and ‘The Therapist’, she has played a leading role. She is a notable movie star and one of the finest at it. She now works at Russet’s Kitchen as a professional chef and CEO of Russet’s Kitchen. 

Pere Egbi

Perez Egbi, aka The General, a former resident of Big Brother Naija (BBN) 2021, is a professional nurse by trade, but since leaving the BBN house, he has been trying his hand at acting. He spent six years in the American military before moving into the residence, after which he returned to Nigeria to pursue other interests.

 The 37-year-old has acted in films such as ‘Duke and Dami’, ‘A Bitter Pill’, ‘Infatuation’, ‘Pound of Flesh’, ‘Gem of the Rainforest’, ‘Lonely Heart’, ‘The Choirmaster’s Wife’ and many more. In 2023, his admirers anticipate him in additional films and possibly receiving award nominations.

Temisan Emmanuel 

Tea With Tay, Temisan Emmanuel’s humorous podcast, and his online presence is well-known. However, in recent years, the actor has tended to play supporting roles in Nollywood films like the TV shows ‘Smart Money Woman’ (2021), ‘Dwindle’ (2021), ‘Fate Of Alakada’ (2020), and more, where his comedic persona has thrived. 

He appeared in the 2022 remake of the 1994 film ‘Glamour Girls’ as the stylish secretary Tommy, and he also made an appearance in the Kayode Kasum-helmed Nigerian horror movie ‘Ile Owo’. As Taymesan pursues an acting career, we’re eager to see what side of him we get to see this year. 

Maurice Sam

One of the newest Nollywood heartthrobs, Maurice Sam possesses the charm and good looks to carry off his roles. After appearing in the Africa Magic television series ‘Hotel Majestic’, the actor made his acting debut in 2015. He didn’t earn his first major break until 2022 when he joined the cast of ‘Blood Sisters’, one of Nollywood’s most popular movies, where he played a hired assassin.

The actor has appeared in a number of films since ‘Blood Sisters’ came out, including ‘When Men Cry’ (2022), ‘Perfect Assistant,’ and others.

Tobi Bakre

Since it first began, Big Brother Naija has presented us with some of the most gifted performers, but only a select few have been able to move past the ex-BBNaija housemate stigma. One of the artists that were given a platform and had time to grow was Tobi Bakre.

The actor and TV personality began acting in 2018 with a part in the Africa Magic TV series Hustle, but it wasn’t until his feature in the 2019 movie ‘Sugar Rush’ that he received his breakthrough role. He has since been in well-known Nollywood productions including ‘Brotherhood’ and ‘The Blood Covenant’ (2022). His performance in Brotherhood in particular deserves praise because it demonstrates the substantial development he has undergone.

Gbugbemi Ejeye

Many Nigerians recognise Gbugbemi Ejeye from her role as Talia in ‘Covenant’ by African Magic. But what puts her on this list is her part in Far From Home. She portrays Adufe, a club dancer who quickly becomes involved in a life of crime and narcotics. Many Nigerians were talking and applauding her skill as a result of her character’s transformation in the role she portrayed. 

Moshood Fattah

After playing the murderous child soldier Gwanza in the Spirit of David Musical, Moshood Fattah launched his career as a performer in 2015. Since breaking into the business, he has acted in numerous theatrical productions, including ‘Fela and the Kalakuta Queens’ (2017) and ‘Heartbeat’ (2016), both of which were produced by Bolanle Austen Peters.

He has lately been in the popular Netflix series ‘Far From Home’ and the more recent Funke Akindele-directed movie ‘Battle On Buka Street.’

Mike Afolarin

 In 2013, Mike Afolarin, an actor, launched his career with the stage production ‘Magic Time’ while he was a student at the University of Lagos. However, he is not only an actor; he is also a filmmaker. 

The actor has served as both assistant director and set designer for short films, including ‘The 3rd Rule’ and ‘Ajuwaya’ (2017).

He first gained notoriety for his portrayal as Chikodi in the Emamode Edosio film ‘Kasala’ (2018), but he rose to new heights with his performance in the Netflix series ‘Far From Home’. He has been in popular films including ‘Your Excellency’ (2019), ‘Inspector K’ (2020), ‘Soole’ (2022), and others in just the past two years.

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