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The Ultimatum: South Africa Review: A Reality Drama Exploring The Complexities Of Love

The Ultimatum: South Africa was an engaging watch, enhanced by commendable cinematography and well-chosen settings.

The Ultimatum: South Africa review
The Ultimatum: South Africa [PHOTO CREDIT: Netflix]

The Ultimatum: South Africa Season 1 is a Partner-swap reality drama on Netflix which premiered on May 10th and was directed by Tasneen Handerson. The Ultimatum: South Africa is a social experiment that scrutinises the relationships of six couples. Each couple selects a partner to spend three weeks with, during which they simulate married life. 

Following this trial period, they undergo a changeover and reunite with their original partners for an additional three weeks. Subsequently, they confront the pivotal decision of whether to; ‘marry or move on’.

This structured approach to examining partnership dynamics offers insights into the complexities of modern relationships and the weighty considerations that accompany the choice to terminate or commit to marriage.


The Ultimatum: South Africa was an interesting watch and definitely kept the viewers guessing as they watched the journeys experienced by these couples. . The concept involves asking pairs on the verge of a major relationship change to break up and date other people, providing its fair share of drama throughout the season.

Thabi who has been in a relationship with Genesis for 7 years finally gives Genesis an ultimatum. While this was a means for Genesis to propose, this leaves her confused as she finds love and appreciation in her switched partner.

While some viewers criticised Khanya for being a bully, condescending, and a toxic partner, and wished for her to have a taste of her own medicine, they also criticised Ntaeko for failing to see her true nature. Conversely, others viewed Ntaeko as an unconditional lover.

Contrary to Khanya’s expectations, viewers actually saw Sizakhele as one of the most genuine people in the series, as she wore her emotions on her sleeve and consistently acted appropriately. However, it remains uncertain whether her love for Lindile will be enough to sustain their relationship. Lindile, who initially issued the ultimatum, became indecisive after switching partners. Sizakele and Lindile emerged as one of the most surprising couples on The Ultimatum: South Africa, having only been together for six months before Lindile issued the ultimatum.

Meanwhile, Lebo and Nolla’s relationship deteriorated, culminating in their departure from the show following a revelation during a girls’ night. This incident significantly impacted Isaac and Ruth’s relationship, leaving unresolved tensions.

In contrast, Aiden and Courtney demonstrated a clear sense of what they wanted and remained steadfast, earning the admiration of viewers. Fans often referred to Aiden as the “therapist” of the season, and the couple was regarded as the gold standard.

While they switched partners, their exes were left to ponder the situation. Some remained conscious of their original partners, while others lost sight of their initial intentions, which did not bode well for them. The participants were given the opportunity to explore new connections by dating other individuals, adding drama and tension to the narrative. As the season progresses, viewers will witness the evolution of these relationships, with some couples choosing to reunite and others deciding to pursue new paths.


The show was hosted by TV personality and actor Salamina Mosese and her husband, Kwaito singer and TV actor, Tshepo Howza Mosese. 

The Ultimatum: South Africa unveiled six captivating couples, including Genesis B and Mmathabo Thabby, known affectionately as Thabi, Courtney and Aiden, Sizakele Dhlamini and Lindile Nibe, Ruth Khathide and Isaac Kaninda, Khanya Nqolase and Nkateko Mahange, and Lebo and Nolla.


As a true South African reality series, The Ultimatum: South Africa predominantly features English but is also interspersed with Zulu, Afrikaans, Sotho, Xhosa, Tswana, and Sotho.


The Ultimatum: South Africa was an engaging watch, enhanced by commendable cinematography and well-chosen settings.

 From established partnerships to blossoming romances, each couple embarked on their journey with apprehension, unsure of what the future held for their bond. 

Throughout the experiment, emotions ran rampant as the pairs grappled with the weighty concepts of commitment, trust, and the allure of newfound connections with their experimental partners. While some couples discovered newfound clarity and reaffirmed their love, others encountered unforeseen obstacles that tested the very foundation of their relationship.

The Ultimatum: South Africa
Review Overview

Ultimately, ‘The Ultimatum: South Africa’ season 1 proved to be a rollercoaster ride of emotions, offering viewers a glimpse into the complexities of modern relationships and the transformative power of love and self-discovery as they look forward to the Reunion (May 24th). 

  • Costumes 4
  • Casting 6
  • Plot5
  • Setting6
  • Story5
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