Tems Unveils Trailer For Debut Album, ‘Born In The Wild’

Against a setting of simplicity and elimination of boundaries, the video takes us back to our childhood days when nothing mattered.

In a teasing sneak peek into what is an extremely anticipated personal musical journey, Nigerian Afrobeats sensation Tems has unveiled the trailer for her debut album named ‘Born in the Wild’ which will be released in May 2024. Fresh off a stand-out performance at Coachella last weekend, the artist is particularly excited due to her dropping off a one-minute video on Monday, April 15, 2024, which gives a small taste of what fans can expect from this new project.

Against a setting of simplicity and elimination of boundaries, the video takes us back to our childhood days when nothing mattered. The portrayal of children playing in the park showcases the exploration of Tems’ growing process from childhood to womanhood. The film prompts the child of a river with the Tems who is seen at different places in the Lagos suburb, capturing the soul-stirring moments as her upbringing in a humble home where her mum stays happened.

One of the most evident excerpts of the teaser could be the melody head of the song, ‘Born in the Wild,’ which apparently can evoke listeners about the auditory aspect of the other tracks on the album. Decades of melodious and thought-provoking music are in the song to tell us about the adolescent years of Tems and the experiences that helped to shape her as a person.

In Tems’ latest performance at Coachella, the fans were given an early premonition of what to expect and the talent couldn’t hold back, and she treated the audience to a never-before-heard song from the incoming album. Moreover, the song samples the 1999 hit ‘Love Me Jeje’ by Seyi Sodimu which highlights performances of the cultural values of people belonging to Tems’ generation. This conscious nod in the form of homage not only acknowledges the influences that would later on bear thematic significance in her debut album but also showcases the artist’s knowledge about those music giants who have proved to be the torchbearers for this generation.

A steady flow in these two songs’ messages, while ‘Born in the Wild’ the title of Seyi Sodimu’s most famous album, is becoming more and more obvious. That Tems deliberately does this implies the existence of the relationship between her and the environment around her homeland. This suggests a deeper connection she has to the broader cultural landscape of her homeland. She inserts her story among the memories of her generation and asks all of us to embark on a trip to self-discovery and a rediscovery of cultural identity that will guide us to a greater understanding of ourselves and our origins.

As anticipation mounts for the release of ‘Born in the Wild,’ Tems emerges as a storyteller poised to captivate audiences with her raw emotion and musical prowess. With each tantalizing detail unveiled, the album promises to be a testament to Tems’ artistic evolution and a celebration of her unyielding spirit.

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