25 Rising African Tech Startups To Watch Out For In 2024

These startups are not only disrupting traditional industries but also addressing pressing socio-economic challenges, fostering inclusive growth, and reshaping the future of Africa's digital economy.

25 Rising African Tech Startups To Watch Out For In 2024
25 Rising African Tech Startups To Watch Out For In 2024

African tech startups will continue to thrive in 2024, showcasing a diverse array of innovative companies making significant strides across various sectors. From Lagos to Nairobi and Cairo to Johannesburg, the continent is witnessing a surge in entrepreneurial activity, fueled by a combination of technological advancements, growing internet penetration, and a youthful demographic eager to drive change. These startups are not only disrupting traditional industries but also addressing pressing socio-economic challenges, fostering inclusive growth, and reshaping the future of Africa’s digital economy.

Fintech continues to be a driving force behind Africa’s tech revolution, with startups like Lidya in Nigeria and Flash in Egypt providing access to financial services for underserved populations. These platforms offer convenient and secure alternatives to traditional banking, empowering individuals and businesses to manage their finances, access credit, and conduct transactions digitally. Moreover, the rise of mobile money solutions like Nuru in the Democratic Republic of Congo is accelerating financial inclusion and unlocking economic opportunities for millions across the continent.

In the healthcare sector, startups such as Helium Health in Nigeria and Maisha Meds in Kenya are leveraging technology to improve access to quality healthcare services and medications. Through electronic medical records, telemedicine consultations, and online pharmacy platforms, these startups are overcoming barriers to healthcare access, particularly in remote and underserved areas. Additionally, initiatives like SunCulture in Kenya are harnessing renewable energy to address agricultural challenges, promote sustainable farming practices, and enhance food security in the region.

Here are the 25 rising African tech startups to watch out for in 2024;

1. Lidya (Nigeria)

Lidya Team [PHOTO CREDIT: Connect Nigeria]
  • Sector: Fintech
  • Key Features: Quick loan approval, personalised financial insights, seamless repayment options.

Overview: Lidya provides access to finance for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) through its digital platform, facilitating growth and expansion for businesses across Nigeria. Its user-friendly interface and efficient loan processing have made it a preferred choice for entrepreneurs seeking financial support.

2. Susu (Ivory Coast)

SuSu [PHOTO CREDIT: TechCrunch]
  • Sector: Healthtech
  • Key Features: Care packages, medical accessibility

Overview: Susu is a unique platform in that it presents a community financing option in which family members, either locally or in the diaspora, can assist patients in paying their monthly subscription charges through care bundles, in addition to allowing patients to finance their expenses. Care packages are essentially medical calendars that contain doctor appointments, nurse visits, SMS medical advice, and a wide range of additional medical activities for patients.

3. Shekel Mobility (Nigeria)

Shekel Mobility
Shekel Mobility [PHOTO CREDIT: Empower Africa]
  • Sector: Renewable Energy, Transportation
  • Key Features: Electric vehicle leasing, charging station installation, renewable energy integration

Overview: Shekel Mobility offers electric vehicle solutions and infrastructure, contributing to sustainable transportation initiatives in Nigeria and beyond. From electric vehicle leasing to charging station installation, Shekel Mobility is driving the shift towards cleaner and greener mobility options in urban areas.

4. Flash (Egypt)

Flash [PHOTO CREDIT: Techpoint Africa]
  • Sector: Fintech
  • Key Features: Cashless transactions, bill payments, peer-to-peer transfers.

Overview: Flash is a digital payments platform catering to unbanked populations in Egypt, providing convenient and secure financial services to underserved communities. With its simple registration process and wide network of merchants, Flash is bridging the gap between cash-based economies and digital financial inclusion.

5. Moove (Nigeria)

Moove Africa
Moove Africa [TechCabal]
  • Sector: Transportation, Fintech
  • Key Features: Vehicle leasing, maintenance support, and driver training programmes.

Overview: Moove is revolutionising vehicle financing and ownership for ride-hailing drivers in Nigeria, enabling entrepreneurship and economic empowerment. Through flexible leasing options and vehicle maintenance services, Moove is empowering drivers to own their means of income while meeting the growing demand for convenient transportation.

6. Helium Health (Nigeria)

Helium Health
Helium Health [PHOTO CREDIT: TechCabal]
  • Sector: Healthcare, Fintech
  • Key Features: Electronic medical records, appointment scheduling, billing management.

Overview: Helium Health offers electronic medical records and hospital management software, streamlining healthcare operations and improving patient care across Nigeria. Its cloud-based platform enables healthcare providers to digitize their records, optimize workflows, and deliver quality healthcare services to patients.

7. Nomba (Nigeria)

Nomba [PHOTO CREDIT: Innovation Village]
  • Sector: Fintech
  • Key Features: budget tracking, goal setting, financial analytics.

Overview: Nomba is a mobile app focused on personal finance management and budgeting, empowering individuals to take control of their financial futures. With its intuitive budgeting tools and expense-tracking features, Nomba helps users set financial goals and make informed spending decisions.

8. Yodawy (Egypt)

Yodawy [PHOTO CREDIT: Techeconomy]
  • Sector: Healthcare, E-commerce
  • Key Features: Online medication ordering, prescription management, doorstep delivery

Overview: Yodawy is an online pharmacy and healthcare platform, providing access to essential medications and healthcare services to users in Egypt. With its extensive network of pharmacies and doorstep delivery options, Yodawy is revolutionising the way Egyptians access healthcare products and services.

9. MAKA (Nigeria)

MAKA [PHOTO CREDIT” Innovation Village]
  • Sector: Logistics, E-commerce
  • Key Features: Route optimization, real-time tracking, delivery analytics.

Overview: MAKA is a logistics and delivery platform, that optimises supply chain operations and enhances last-mile delivery services in Nigeria. Leveraging technology and data analytics, MAKA ensures efficient and reliable delivery of goods, helping businesses meet customer demands in a fast-paced market.

10. Wetility (South Africa)

Vincent Maposa, CEO Wetility [PHOTO CREDIT: TechCabal]
  • Sector: Environmental Technology, Utilities
  • Key Features: Smart metering, leak detection, water conservation strategies.

Overview: Wetility offers water management solutions for utilities and municipalities in South Africa, promoting efficient and sustainable use of water resources. Its smart metering technologies and data-driven insights enable stakeholders to monitor water consumption, detect leaks, and implement conservation measures.

11. SunCulture (Kenya)

  • Sector: Agriculture, Renewable Energy
  • Key Features: Solar-powered irrigation, crop monitoring, remote management.

Overview: SunCulture provides solar-powered irrigation solutions for farmers in Kenya, increasing agricultural productivity while reducing reliance on fossil fuels. Through its solar-powered pumps and precision irrigation systems, SunCulture helps farmers optimize water usage and improve crop yields in off-grid areas.

12. Nuru (Democratic Republic of Congo)

Nuru [PHOTO CREDIT: Choose Africa]
  • Sector: Renewable Energy
  • Key Features: Utility-scale solar metrogrids, Integration of cutting-edge technology, Reliable and renewable energy access for urban communities

Overview: Nuru is a pioneering renewable energy-powered metrogrid company operating in the Democratic Republic of Congo. It specializes in providing innovative solutions to bridge the energy gap in the country. With a focus on sustainability, Nuru’s utility-scale solar metrogrids, integrated with cutting-edge technology and services, offer reliable and renewable energy access to urban communities, fostering climate resilience and sustainable development.

13. Kasha (Rwanda)

Kasha [PHOTO CREDIT: Technext]
  • Sector: E-commerce, Healthcare
  • Key Features: Women’s health products, confidential ordering, discreet delivery.

Overview: Kasha is an e-commerce platform specialising in women’s health and personal care products, catering to the specific needs of women in Rwanda. With its discreet packaging and doorstep delivery, Kasha ensures women have access to essential health and hygiene products in a convenient and dignified manner.

14. MyDawa (Kenya)

MyDawa [PHOTO CREDIT: TechCabal]
  • Sector: Healthcare, E-commerce
  • Key Features: Online medication ordering, pharmacist consultations, doorstep delivery.

Overview: MyDawa is an online pharmacy and healthcare platform in Kenya, providing convenient access to medications and healthcare products. With its certified pharmacists and doorstep delivery service, MyDawa ensures users receive quality medications and healthcare advice from the comfort of their homes.

15. Yellow Africa (South Africa)

Yellow Africa
Yellow Africa [Ventureburn]
  • Sector: Logistics, E-commerce
  • Key Features: Same-day delivery, real-time tracking, secure parcel handling.

Overview: Yellow Africa is a logistics and last-mile delivery service, facilitates efficient and reliable delivery of goods across South Africa. With its fleet of vehicles and advanced tracking systems, Yellow Africa ensures timely and secure delivery of parcels, groceries, and e-commerce orders.

16. Peach Cars (Kenya)

Peach Cars
Peach Cars [PHOTO CREDIT: Techcrunch]
  • Sector: Transportation, Mobility
  • Key Features: Car rental options, ride-hailing services, chauffeur-driven vehicles.

Overview: Peach Cars offers car rental and ride-hailing services in Kenya, providing convenient transportation solutions to urban residents. With its diverse fleet of vehicles and user-friendly booking platform, Peach Cars enables individuals and businesses to travel safely and comfortably across the country.

17. FairMoney (Nigeria)

Fairmoney [PHOTO CREDIT: Techcrunch]
  • Sector: Fintech, Banking
  • Key Features: Mobile banking, instant loans, credit scoring algorithms.

Overview: FairMoney provides digital banking and microcredit services, empowering individuals and small businesses in Nigeria to access financial services. With its mobile banking app and instant loan approvals, Fair Money enables users to manage their finances and secure credit when needed.

18. Moniepoint (Nigeria)

Moniepoint [PHOTO CREDIT: Moniepoint]
  • Sector: Fintech, Payments
  • Key Features: Agent banking, POS terminals, mobile money transfers.

Overview: Moniepoint is a fintech company offering digital payment solutions, facilitating seamless transactions and financial inclusion in Nigeria. With its network of agents and POS terminals, Moniepoint enables users to deposit, withdraw, and transfer money conveniently and securely.

19. Apollo (Kenya)

Apollo Agriculture
Apollo Agriculture [PHOTO CREDIT: Innovation Village]
  • Sector: Healthcare, Insurtech
  • Key Features: Customizable insurance plans, telemedicine consultations, claims processing.

Overview: Apollo is a digital health insurance platform in Kenya, leveraging technology to provide affordable and accessible healthcare coverage to individuals and families. With its customisable plans and telemedicine services, Apollo ensures users receive quality healthcare services without financial barriers.

20. Zeal (Egypt)

Zeal [PHOTO CREDIT: TechNext]
  • Sector: Freelance Economy, Technology
  • Key Features: Project bidding, milestone tracking, secure escrow payments.

Overview: Zeal is a platform connecting freelance professionals with work opportunities and tools to manage their businesses efficiently, fostering entrepreneurship in Egypt. With its project management features and secure payment system, Zeal enables freelancers to showcase their skills and deliver high-quality services to clients worldwide

21. iSchool (Egypt)

iSchool [PHOTO CREDIT: Techpoint Africa]
  • Sector: Education Technology
  • Key Features: Interactive learning modules, virtual classrooms, student performance analytics.

Overview: iSchool provides digital education solutions for schools in Egypt, enhancing learning experiences and outcomes through innovative technology. From interactive learning modules to virtual classrooms, iSchool empowers educators and students to adapt to digital learning environments and thrive in the digital age.

22. Selar (Nigeria)

Selar [PHOTO CREDIT: Disrupt Africa]
  • Sector: E-commerce, Technology
  • Key Features: Digital product marketplace, payment processing, analytics dashboard.

Overview: Selar is an e-commerce platform for digital products and services, empowering creators and entrepreneurs to monetize their content and skills. With its user-friendly interface and integrated payment system, Selar enables individuals to sell digital products, courses, and services with ease.

23. Stitch (South Africa)

Stitch Money south africa
Stitch [PHOTO CREDIT: TechCrunch]
  • Sector: Fashion, E-commerce
  • Key Features: Virtual fitting room, custom measurement tool, fabric selection.
  • Overview: Stitch offers tailor-made clothing through an online platform, providing personalized fashion experiences to customers in South Africa and beyond. With its virtual fitting room and custom measurement tool, Stitch ensures customers receive perfectly fitted garments that reflect their unique style and preferences.

24. WATT (Nigeria)

WATT Renewable
WATT Renewable [News NG]
  • Sector: Renewable Energy, Sustainability
  • Key Features: Solar panel installations, energy monitoring, battery storage solutions.

Overview: WATT provides solar energy solutions for homes and businesses in Nigeria, reducing carbon emissions and increasing access to clean and renewable energy. With its solar panel installations and energy management systems, WATT helps customers save money on electricity bills while contributing to environmental sustainability.

25. Maisha Meds (Kenya)

Maisha Meds
Maisha Meds [PHOTO CREDIT: Empower Africa]
  • Sector: Healthcare, Technology
  • Key Features: Medication ordering, pharmacy locator, medication adherence reminders.

Overview: Maisha Meds is a healthcare startup focused on improving access to affordable medication in Kenya, leveraging technology to enhance healthcare delivery. With its network of pharmacies and medication management platform, Maisha Meds ensures patients receive quality medications and healthcare services at affordable prices.

These 25 African tech startups represent the innovative spirit and entrepreneurial drive that is transforming the continent’s tech landscape. From fintech and healthcare to renewable energy and e-commerce, these companies are driving positive change and making a lasting impact on African economies and societies. Keep an eye on these rising stars as they continue to shape the future of African tech in 2024 and beyond.

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