25 Popular Gen Z Slangs You Need To Know In 2024

Here are some of the popular Gen Z slangs of 2024.

Popular Gen Z Slangs 2024
Popular Gen Z Slangs 2024 [PHOTO CREDIT: Pink News]

Are you looking for popular Gen Z slangs you should know in 2024 or do you feel a little lost in translation when scrolling through your social feeds or chatting with your Gen Z friends? Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered! As the language landscape continues to evolve, staying up-to-date with the latest slang is essential to navigating conversations and understanding the cultural nuances of today’s youth.

Here’s a rundown of 25 trendy Gen Z slangs that are making waves in 2024:
  1. Caught in 4k – Refers to someone being caught doing something wrong or incriminating on camera or with evidence to prove it.
  2. Ghost – Ending communication or contact with someone without warning.
  3. Asf – Shortened version of “as fuck.”
  4. BDE – Abbreviation for “big dick energy.” Term used for someone who exudes confidence and ease.
  5. Big yikes – Used to describe something embarrassing or cringey, particularly in response to an offensive comment.
  6. Ick – Term used to refer to a sudden feeling of disgust or repulsion to a dating partner someone was previously attracted to.
  7. It’s giving – Describe the attitude or connotation of something or someone. Can also be used to give general admiration toward something.
  8. Mid – Labeling something as average or not special. Sometimes used in a negative or insulting way.
  9. Rizz – One’s charm/seduction skills.
  10. Ratio – When a reply, particularly on Twitter or TikTok, has better reception and more likes than the original post being replied to.
  11. Lit – Colloquially: “Enlightened”, “Hot”, “Fire.” The new hotness; something remarkable, interesting, fun or amusing. Generally positive.
  12. Let him cook – Give one space to proceed uninterrupted (especially when saying or doing something provocative) in the hope that the result might be entertaining, if not agreeable.
  13. Bougie – Describes individuals who pretend to be wealthy or high-class, or those who make exaggerated efforts to appear sophisticated and trendy in their posts.
  14. Cap – Cap means lying or making false statements. Whereas, capping is deliberate lying, while “stop capping” means to stop lying. “No Cap” means telling the truth.
  15. Drip – Refers to those who possess a distinct and confident fashion sense, exuding sophistication and trendiness in their demeanor.
  16. Delulu – Used to describe individuals who exhibit peculiar or extreme behavior, especially superfans or romantic partners.
  17. Girl Dinner – A casual meal that typically includes snacks, small portions of different foods, and side dishes.
  18. POV – Stands for “point of view”. Frequently used as a tag or caption to signify that the shared content represents the perspective or viewpoint of the individual posting it.
  19. Salty – Portrays individuals who display a resentful, bitter, or irritated disposition in their behavior or expressions.
  20. Shook – Conveys a state of shock, surprise, or astonishment.
  21. Side Eye – Refers to a facial expression in which someone glances disapprovingly or suspiciously at another person.
  22. Slay – Used to describe those who have performed exceptionally well or have left a strong impression on others.
  23. IYKYK – Abbreviation for “If You Know, You Know,” commonly used to signify a shared understanding or knowledge about a particular topic within a specific community or group of people.
  24. Vibe Check – Involves evaluating the energy, mood, or overall “vibe” of a person, group, or situation.
  25. Hold This L – A phrase frequently employed on social media as a means to taunt or ridicule someone who has experienced a loss or failure in a specific situation.

Now that you’re armed with these popular Gen Z slangs, you’re ready to dive into conversations with the confidence of a true Gen Zer. Keep exploring the linguistic landscape, and remember, if you know, you know!

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