15 Must-Watch Nollywood Movies On Netflix 2024

Every cinephile will find something to like, from thrilling dramas to hilarious comedies.

15 Must-Watch Nollywood Movies On Netflix 2024
15 Must-Watch Nollywood Movies On Netflix 2024

Looking for some high-quality Nollywood movies on Netflix to watch in 2024? Well, we have you covered. In 2024, the streaming platform will be packed with engaging films that highlight the depth, diversity, and dynamism of Nigerian storytelling. Every cinephile will find something to like, from thrilling dramas to hilarious comedies. Join us as we explore the seven finest Nollywood films on Netflix in 2024.

Here are 15 must-watch Nollywood movies on Netflix 2024;

Adire (2023)

Prepare to be swept away by ‘Adire,’ a touching story of redemption, resilience, and self-discovery. This film tells the story of a young woman whose hopes of becoming a famous lingerie designer are dashed by the harsh realities of her life as a sex worker. As she dares to break free from the chains of her past, viewers are transported on a moving and inspiring journey of faith, courage, and empowerment.

War: Wrath and Revenge (2023)

Enter the cutthroat world of Nigerian politics with ‘War: Wrath and Revenge,’ a riveting drama that reveals the murky world of power, ambition, and treachery. Set in a fictional Nigerian state during election season, this exciting story chronicles the cutthroat machinations of governor candidates battling for control. With its nail-biting suspense and intricate storyline twists, ‘War: Wrath and Revenge’ is a must-see for aficionados of political dramas.

Anikulapo: Rise of the Spectre (2024)

Prepare to be mesmerized by ‘Anikulapo: Rise of the Spectre,’ a spellbinding saga of love, power, and the supernatural. Directed by the visionary Kunle Afolayan, this Netflix mini-series serves as a captivating sequel to the acclaimed Anikulapo drama of 2022. Set in a world where ancient mysticism collides with modernity, the story follows the enigmatic Saro, a man bestowed with the power to resurrect the dead. As he grapples with newfound influence and dark forces converge, viewers are drawn into a mesmerising tale of intrigue and mystique.

One Too Many (2022)

In a world plagued by injustice, ‘One Too Many’ shines a searing spotlight on the harsh realities faced by victims of police brutality. Directed with raw emotional intensity by Kayode Kasum, this gripping film follows the harrowing journey of a mother and son as they confront the brutal realities of a flawed justice system. As they navigate a labyrinth of corruption and oppression, viewers are confronted with profound questions about the nature of justice and the resilience of the human spirit.

Uncredited – the Story of Afro Dance (2022)

Experience the compelling documentary ‘Uncredited – the Story of Afro Dance,’ which highlights the transforming power of music and dance, and embark on a dynamic trip across Nigeria’s rich cultural tapestry. This captivating movie, which is set against the vibrant backdrop of Lagos, examines the explosive emergence of Afro-dance and its significant influence on popular culture worldwide. ‘Uncredited’ provides an enthralling window into the vibrant world of Nigerian dance, showcasing everything from the little-known tales of unsung heroes to the riveting performances that electrify audiences everywhere.

Merry Men 3: Nemesis (2023)

Merry Men 3 (Nemesis) is the third and final instalment in the wildly entertaining Merry Men series. Written and directed by comedian Kayode Kasum and featuring Nigeria’s most unlikely heroes, ‘Merry Men 3’ follows them on an epic adventure as they fight for the nation’s security. With outrageous humour, adrenaline-filled thrills, and characters that are bigger than life, ‘Nemesis’ is an adrenaline-filled ride from beginning to end.

Dinner (2016)

The compelling drama ‘Dinner’ takes place in the course of one evening. This evocative film, directed with wonderful nuance by Jay Franklyn Jituboh, allows audiences to listen in on the unvarnished talks of a small group of people as they grapple with the difficulties of love, grief, and desire. “Dinner,” a film that lingers long after the credits have rolled, is a cinematic feast for the soul thanks to its outstanding ensemble cast and emotionally charged performances.

Living in Bondage: Breaking Free (2019)

Directed by Ramsey Nouah and produced by Steve Gukas, ‘Living in Bondage: Breaking Free’ is one of the must-watch Nollywood movies on Netflix 2024. It is a gripping tale of ambition, redemption, and supernatural intrigue. While paying homage to classic films like ‘The Devil’s Advocate‘ and ‘Angel Heart,’ this movie delivers a fresh and exhilarating narrative that keeps viewers on the edge of their seats. With standout scenes that showcase the film’s brilliance, including a riveting confrontation in a church, ‘Living in Bondage: Breaking Free’ is a must-watch for any Nollywood enthusiast.

Blood Sisters (2022)

Starring Deyemi Okanlawon and Ini Dima Okojie, ‘Blood Sisters’ is a captivating drama that explores family dynamics, ambition, and class divide in Nigeria. As the story unfolds against the backdrop of a lavish wedding, tensions rise and secrets are revealed, leading to a riveting climax that will leave audiences breathless.

4th Republic (2019)

‘4th Republic’ is a thought-provoking political thriller that follows the journey of a female gubernatorial aspirant, played by Kate Henshaw, as she battles to reclaim her stolen mandate. With its intricate plot and meticulous attention to legal detail, this film offers a gripping portrayal of Nigeria’s complex political landscape.

Shanty Town (2023)

Directed by CJ Obasi, ‘Shanty Town’ is one of the must-watch Nollywood movies on Netflix 2024. It is a gritty crime drama that delves into the underbelly of Nigerian society. With a stellar cast led by Ini Edo and Richard Mofe Damijo, the film explores themes of power, corruption, and redemption in the sprawling slums of Lagos. As the characters navigate a web of deceit and betrayal, ‘Shanty Town’ delivers a powerful message about the human cost of political ambition.

Namaste Wahala (2021)

Here is another one of the high level Nollywood movies on Netflix 2024. Combining the vibrancy of Bollywood with the richness of Nollywood, ‘Namaste Wahala’ is a delightful romantic comedy that celebrates love across cultural boundaries. Directed by Hamisha Daryani Ahuja, the film follows the budding romance between a Nigerian woman and an Indian man, leading to a charming and heartwarming tale of love, family, and acceptance.

Sugar Rush (2019)

‘Sugar Rush’ is a rollicking comedy about three sisters who discover wealth and become entangled in a series of comic antics. With its mix of humour, tension, and touching moments, this film is a fascinating and entertaining experience for people of all ages.

Oloture (2020)

Here is another must-watch Nollywood movies on Netflix 2024.‘Oloture’, directed by Kenneth Gyang, is a captivating thriller that sheds light on the dark world of human trafficking. The film, which stars Sharon OOja in the major role, is a horrific depiction of one woman’s search for justice in the face of corruption and exploitation.

Elevator Baby (2019)

Elevator Baby’, starring Timini Egbuson and Toyin Abraham, is a fascinating drama set in an elevator. In this gripping story of redemption and forgiveness, two strangers become trapped together, secrets are uncovered, and lives are permanently transformed.

There you have it, the 15 must-watch Nollywood movies on Netflix in 2024. The pick varies from thriller to romance, to documentary and more. So grab your popcorn, settle in, and prepare to be transported to a world where every frame is a masterpiece and every story is an unforgettable journey.

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