Meet Lifesize Teddy, Mavin Records’ Latest Superstar

Born Treasure Apiafi Banigo, Lifesize Teddy, the rising star nurtured by Bonny Island's beauty.

Lifesize Teddy
Lifesize Teddy [Instagram/@lifesize_teddy]

In a world where music becomes the lens through which we view life’s beauty, Lifesize Teddy emerges as a captivating and multifaceted artist, now making waves under the prestigious Mavin Records banner. Hailing from the enchanting landscapes of Bonny Island in Rivers State, Lifesize Teddy, formerly known as Elestee, draws inspiration from her idyllic upbringing, infusing her art with a unique perspective that has captured the attention of music enthusiasts worldwide.

Born Banigo Apiafi Treasure on a memorable July 15th in Port-Harcourt, Nigeria, Lifesize Teddy’s early years were graced by the serene beauty of Bonny Island’s surroundings. A confluence of diverse cultures shaped her worldview, as she found herself immersed in the ebb and flow of local and foreign influences. This rich tapestry of experiences, combined with the bustling city life of Port-Harcourt, has moulded Lifesize Teddy into a curated blend of influences, making her an artist of unmatched depth and authenticity.

Lifesize Teddy Mavin Records
Lifesize Teddy [Instagram/@lifesize_teddy]

From the tender age of 12, Lifesize Teddy’s artistic journey began to take form. Immersed in the eclectic melodies emanating from her mother’s cherished cassette players, she was exposed to a spectrum of musical genres, each resonating with her mom’s ever-changing moods. Icons like Lucky Dube, Tupac, and Shania Twain set the stage for her artistic evolution, sowing the seeds of a remarkable future.

Lifesize Teddy’s artistic roots delve deep into the annals of literature, thanks to her mother’s fervent love for it. The echoes of Brenda Farsi’s soulful tunes, the defining soundscapes of Asa, and the vivacity of Rex Lawson’s highlife rhythms became the soundtrack to her emotional journey. Starting as a poet, she harnessed the power of her pen to document her innermost feelings, paving the way for her eventual foray into music.

While pursuing a degree in chemical engineering at the University of Maritime Port-harcourt, Lifesize Teddy’s destiny took an undeniable turn. The allure of rap, ignited by Kanye West’s “College Dropout,” led her to embrace the mic at a mere 12 years old. Joining the vibrant community of rappers within her university, she honed her skills, refining her artistry amidst the camaraderie of fellow creatives.

In an industry yearning for innovation, Lifesize Teddy’s emergence is a prophecy fulfilled. Combining the essence of contemporary rap and Afro-fusion, she fearlessly channels her emotions onto paper, crafting verses that resonate with audiences on a profound level. Her talent and skill coalesce seamlessly, birthing a budding star destined to etch her indelible mark on the global music stage.

Lifesize Teddy Mavin Records
Lifesize Teddy [Instagram@lifesize_teddy]

Her debut EP, aptly titled ‘Lifesize Teddy,’ stands as a testament to her versatility and artistic prowess. The opening track, ‘Air,’ paints a breezy portrait of her rap finesse, setting the tone for an exploration of various genres. From the hypnotic energy of ‘Hypnotic’ to the relatable charm of ‘Butterflies,’ her sonic journey is an exhilarating ride through the tapestry of human emotion.

As the EP culminates in the self-affirming anthem ‘Prophecy,’ Lifesize Teddy stakes her claim as a living testament to her own potential. With her captivating blend of talent, innovation, and raw authenticity, Lifesize Teddy’s rise to superstardom within Mavin Records is a testament to her boundless promise. A true confluence of influences and experiences, she embodies the spirit of her picturesque upbringing on Bonny Island, captivating hearts and minds with her music that resonates on a global scale.

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