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Maverick By Kizz Daniel: An Unorthodox Indeed

Kizz Daniel's fifth Studio album arrives at the singer's finest moment. 'Maverick' accentuates the singer's glory days.

Kizz Daniel Maverick Album Review
Kizz Daniel [Instagram/@kizzdaniel]

In our Maverick album review, it becomes evident that Kizz Daniel is truly unshackled and liberated. Breaking free from the stifling norms that often entrap artists within the contrived entertainment circle, he emerges as a genuine maverick, unwaveringly devoted to his artistic principles and blazing a distinctive trail in the music industry. In an era dominated by conformity and backscratching, Kizz Daniel breathes a breath of fresh air, standing tall as a radiant beacon of individuality.

In the dynamic world of Afrobeats, Kizz Daniel’s journey to success has been anything but smooth. Despite facing numerous hurdles, he has managed to secure a spot as one of the genre’s most accomplished and acclaimed singers. However, this triumph did not come without its share of challenges.

The year 2019 witnessed a dramatic turn of events when Kizz Daniel found himself entangled in a high-profile and contentious multi-million naira lawsuit with his former record label, G-Worldwide Entertainment. This legal battle threatened to derail his promising career, casting doubt on his future in the industry. The back-and-forth exchange between the parties was nothing short of acrimonious, plunging Kizz Daniel into a state of uncertainty and prompting an unfortunate indefinite hiatus.

Yet, it is in adversity that true mettle is tested, and Kizz Daniel proved himself to be an artist of unwavering determination and resilience. Weathering the storm, he refused to be subdued by the turmoil, rising from the ashes like a phoenix and reclaiming his place in the music realm.

Today, Kizz Daniel stands tall, having successfully navigated the tumultuous waters of the music business, and his music continues to captivate audiences worldwide. By sticking to his principles and maintaining an unwavering sense of self, he has become a trailblazer in an industry where conformity often overshadows creativity.

As a maverick, Kizz Daniel embodies the spirit of independent thought and artistic autonomy, making him a role model for aspiring musicians seeking to stay true to their vision despite the pressures of the entertainment landscape. His story serves as a testament to the power of perseverance and the resilience of the human spirit in the face of challenges. With his own rules and a mind of his own, Kizz Daniel is a force to be reckoned with in the Afrobeats genre, and his journey continues to inspire awe.

Kizz Daniel’s fifth Studio album arrives at the singer’s finest moment. ‘Maverick’ accentuates the singer’s glory days. He is now a Father of twins and is thankful for it (Feran You Two). Kizz Daniel now basks in affluence, is a proud owner of real estate, has sold millions of record copies, created mega-hits, and toured the world, yet ambitiously seeks more global dominance (Cough Remix with Becky G). Notably, he has achieved all his successes while defying the status quo, a bona fide characteristic of a Maverick.

On his new album, Kizz Daniel’s music is just as polished as his heightened position in life. An unlikely bromance formed with super-talented music artist/producer, Johnny Drille lifts Daniel’s oeuvre to new sonics. The former’s genius in collision with Kizz Daniel’s makes for a beautiful and unforeseen sonic framework and one doesn’t have to go too far into the project before realizing it (Red & Green).

Kizz Daniel’s habitual use of comic relief through witty adlibs is one of the most refreshing and unique aspects of his craft, and I am glad that fame and all its success hasn’t taken away this side of him, a side he explores on the satirical-driven ‘My G’. 

The project is clustered with hits and several misses. A song like ‘SideChick’ featuring Young Johnn, Yemi Alade, and DJ Big N shouldn’t be on this project. Although the song appears to be star-studded, it is a fatal and saturated collision of sweet nothings albeit catchy.  

Cough‘( with Becky G) being the outro to the project speaks volumes, the sequencing is an indication of where Kizz Daniel’s head is at, and rightly so: GLOBAL CONQUEST. The Latina’s inclusion is definitely by design and Kizz Daniel’s ambitions fuel it.

‘Maverick’ introduces fresh voices such as Pryme (Show You Off) who delivers an amazing performance over a Blaise Beatz production. Speaking of introductions, Kizz Daniel’s infant twins are also featured in the project. The emotional and brilliantly written ‘Feran You Two’ is a song dedicated to his boys, Jelani, and Jamil, and it’s Kizz Daniel at his most vulnerable and most human.

In conclusion, Maverick is an impressive collection of both familiar and innovative sounds from one of Africa’s most prolific contemporary singers, exceeding all expectations. Rather than focusing solely on commercial success, the album appears to serve as a personal documentation of recent events in the artist’s life, presented in a refreshingly unorthodox manner. Kizz Daniel’s willingness to explore unconventional approaches showcases his artistic integrity and commitment to genuine self-expression. Maverick stands as a testament to his authenticity and willingness to share his unique journey with listeners, making it a compelling and meaningful addition to his discography.

Kizz Daniel Maverick Album Review
Review Overview

Overall, Maverick is a compilation of familiar and newly tapped sonics from one of Africa's most prolific contemporary singers and it lives up to its expectation.

  • Songwriting7
  • Production 8
  • Sequencing6
  • Enjoyability4
  • Delivery6

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