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It Blooms In June Review: Unfortunately It’s Not June Yet….

The plot lacked momentum, devoid of fun, drama, or any surprising twists to keep viewers engaged.

It Blooms In June review
It Blooms In June cover [PHOTO CREDIT: IMDb]

Following a devastating loss, a father’s protective instincts are put to the test as his daughter begins to explore life’s temptations. It Blooms in June written by Gabriel Odirigi and directed by Korede Azeez is currently streaming on Amazon’s Prime Video.


The film begins with an emotional scene of a terminally sick mother celebrating her birthday with her husband and daughter. Tragically, the mother, Hauwa, passes away soon after, leaving her husband to raise their daughter alone. The story then jumps ahead 11 years to Mira Akande, now a young lady. Mira and her father, Lanre, form a close friendship as they navigate life together, attempting to fill the emptiness left by the loss of their loving wife and mother.

Lanre and Mira lived a sheltered life together, with Mira confined to the house and only allowed to visit the library. Exhausted by this existence, she applied to Bale University in Lagos against her father’s wishes, as he wanted her to attend an online school. After much persuasion, Lanre eventually relents.

However, their tranquil and routine life is disrupted when new neighbours Ebisinde and his single mother arrive, bringing opposing interests and complicated emotions into the picture.

As Ebisinde starts to develop feelings for Mira, Lanre begins to fall in love with Ebisinde’s mother. However, this complex situation is abruptly cut short when Lanre walks in on Ebisinde attempting to kiss Mira. This incident incites fear and anger in Lanre, leading him to terminate his burgeoning relationship with Joanna and ground Mira.

Faced with difficult choices, Mira decides to run away from home. However, an unfortunate incident makes her reconsider her decision and ultimately her father’s as well


Femi Jacobs’ performance gives the character more nuance and makes Lanre a likeable and relatable figure for the viewers. Femi Jacobs is a genuinely gifted actor who can play both a stiff and sensitive role at the same time.

Kem Ajieh Ikechukwu’s acting was also impressive; he produced a comfortable performance as Ebisinde that made a lasting impression on the viewers.

Kiki Omeili in the role of Joanna and effortlessly embodies the character, portraying a veteran actor who portrays a free-spirited and good mother.

Susan Pwajok’s depiction of Mira was as anticipated; nevertheless, the audience perceived her portrayal as overly relaxed and devoid of dynamism, resulting in the film being somewhat monotonous and fatiguing to watch.


English was the predominant language in the movie.


Anticipation was high for It Blooms in June, but the film ultimately fell short of expectations. The plot was uninspired, offering nothing fresh or original. It felt like a story that has been seen countless times, merely with different characters.

The plot lacked momentum, devoid of fun, drama, or any surprising twists to keep viewers engaged. Despite its promising title, It Blooms in June did little to excite or intrigue its audience, leaving the average avid viewer hoping for something more for the main character, Mira, only to be disappointed.

While the movie can be praised for its well-composed scenes, set, and location, these elements alone do not make a compelling film. The places of residence used in the movie appeared out of touch with reality, and the actors seemed more like visitors than residents, failing to establish a genuine connection with their surroundings.

 The film makes excellent use of Joshua and Kiki Gukas’ original music, and Larry Ville, the film’s in-universe celebrity, delivers a credible live performance played by Michael Dappa.

It Blooms In June
Review Overview

 ‘It Blooms in June’ struggles to deliver a thrilling and cogent story, despite its promising elements. The film's aesthetic appeal and musical score are not enough to overcome its lacklustre plot and character development.

  • Costumes3
  • Casting5
  • Plot4
  • Setting5
  • Story4

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