7 Best Amapiano Songs By Nigerians You Should Listen To

Some of these songs have been echoed in the largest of auditoriums, chorused amongst the youths of both nations- inadvertently playing the role of a guidebook for the other

Amapiano Songs By Nigerians
Amapiano Songs By Nigerians

Looking for some Amapiano songs by Nigerians? Look no further! It is truly a breathtaking sight when cultures converge, showcasing mutual respect and admiration between the participating parties.

The intermingling of cultures among African nations highlights the inherent beauty found in collaborations. This is evident in the remarkable synergy between South Africa’s dance-centric genre, ‘Amapiano,’ and Nigeria’s high-energy ‘Afrobeats’ music style. These two genres stand as prominent musical exports from the continent, captivating audiences far and wide.

In recent times, there has been a growing interest in the production of Amapiano songs by Nigerian artists, leading to the emergence of ‘Nigerian Amapiano’ as a captivating sub-genre. This fusion of Nigerian musical talent with the infectious rhythms and melodies of Amapiano has sparked a vibrant movement within the Nigerian music scene.

The popularity of Amapiano in Nigeria continues to grow, with rising demand for Amapiano tracks and performances. Nigerian artists have embraced this genre, infusing it with their unique musical flavours, resulting in a distinct Nigerian Amapiano sound. This development has fostered an exciting cultural exchange, enriching both the Amapiano genre and Nigeria’s vibrant music landscape.

As Amapiano gains traction in Nigeria, its influence can be witnessed in various aspects of the music industry. Nigerian DJs, producers, and artists are incorporating Amapiano elements into their compositions, creating an eclectic blend of genres that captivates listeners. This cross-pollination has sparked creativity and innovation, pushing boundaries and expanding the sonic palette of Nigerian music.

The infusion of Amapiano in Nigeria has also sparked a newfound appreciation for South African music and culture. This cultural exchange fosters a deeper understanding and connection between the two nations, reinforcing the power of music in transcending borders and uniting people.

In recent years, we have seen a wealthy discography of songs inspired by the amalgamation of these local music genres- records that have gone on to become successful commercial hits, spawned viral dance challenges, and have further championed the sense of brotherhood that music creates. 

Some of these songs have been echoed in the largest of auditoriums, chorused amongst the youths of both nations- inadvertently playing the role of a guidebook for the other (as it occasionally features locale slang, neologisms, etc). 

These are some of the best Amapiano Afrobeats songs you should listen to;

Ckay, Davido, Focalistic, Abidoza – Watawi 

Nigerian Multi-instrumentalist and singer, Ckay is keen on sonic experiments, from the brilliant inductions of Lo-fi keyboards into Afro percussion, to Eastern Asian-influenced hums, the singer does it all. This is why there wasn’t much of a surprise when he released the Amapiano-fueled record titled ‘Watawi’. The mid-tempo song featured Davido, and Focalistic, with production credits going to Abidoza and it is one of the best ‘Omopiano’ songs you will hear today.

Wanitwa Mos, Master Kg, Omah Lay, Nkosazana Daughter – Sofa Silahlane(Remix)

The superb duo of Wanitwa Mos and Master Kg have contributed to some of the greatest hits in the South African music circle, including their 2022 smash hit, ‘Sofa Silahlane’ which featured the captivating vocals of a talented female singer, Nkosazana Daughter. Just when we thought the record couldn’t get any better, a remix was released which included a guest verse from versatile Nigerian singer, Omah Lay.

Focalistic feat Davido – Ke Star (Remix)

When Focalistic’s ‘Ke Star’ hit the South African music scene in 2020, it instantly became a smash hit catapulting the artist to local stardom as well as its collaborator, Vigro Deep. At the time, the song was relatively unknown in West African parts, but when popular Nigerian singer, Davido jumped on the remix, the already acclaimed tune became even bigger, topping charts across the continents, and receiving massive airplay on radio stations.

Lojay feat Dj Maphorisa, Kabza De Small, Herc Cut The Lights – Canada

‘Canada’ is a song by Nigerian singer Lojay that features popular Amapiano Disk jockeys, Kabza de Small, and Dj Maphorisa alongside South African producer, Herc Cut The Lights. The song is one of the singles that made it to Lojay’s Sophomore lead project, ‘Gangster Romantic’ and it is a stand-out record by every means. 

Kabza De Small feat Wizkid, Burna Boy, Cassper Nyovest, Madumane- Sponono

Kabza De Small’s ‘Sponono’ is one of the records that truly gave listeners a glimpse of the magic that could be made when Amapiano collided with Afrobeats. The star-studded record came off Kabza’s ‘I Am The King Of Amapiano’ album. 

All artists involved brought their A-game to the six-minute record.

Blaq Diamond feat BNXN- Italy (refix)

The refix of Blaq Diamond’s ‘Italy’ caused a hay storm in 2021 when Nigerian singer, Bnxn(formerly known as Buju) decided to make a refix of the latter’s work- which swiftly began capturing audience’s attention even peaking at Number 4 on the Apple Music Top 100 Naija Charts. Unfortunately, it was abruptly removed from streaming platforms a year later due to publishing and licensing tussles.

Crayon feat Camidoh, Focalistic, Costa Titch- Ijo (Labalaba) Remix

Following a successful campaign to Crayon’s smash hit single, ‘Ijo (labalaba)‘ the Mavin signee then decided to take things up a notch by recruiting the help of counterparts in Western and Southern Africa for the remix of the Amapiano record. The remix is just as enjoyable as the original.

Dj Tarico, Burna Boy, Preck, Nelson Tivane – Yaba Buluku

Dj Tarico’s ‘Yaba Buluku’ was a viral sensation when it dropped in the summer of 2021. The chart-topper featured South Africa’s Nelson Tivane, Preck, and Afrobeats superstar, Burna Boy. ‘Yaba Buluku’ is most certainly one of the best Amapiano/Afrobeats records worth checking out.

In conclusion, the emergence of Nigerian Amapiano signifies the dynamic nature of music and the willingness of artists to explore and collaborate across cultural boundaries. The fusion of Amapiano with Nigerian musical styles has resulted in a unique and exciting sound that resonates with audiences in Nigeria and beyond. As Amapiano continues to make its mark in Nigeria, the music scene becomes more vibrant and diverse, showcasing the immense creativity and talent of Nigerian artists.

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