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A Soweto Love Story Review: Romcom Below Standard

Whether you’re drawn to romance, comedy, or music, this series promises to warm your heart and leave you with a smile. 

A Soweto Love Story review
A Soweto Love Story [PHOTO CREDIT: The Okay Africa]

Here is our A Soweto love story review! Amid South African charm and familial bonds, ‘A Soweto Love Story’ emerges as a delightful concoction of love, romance, music, drama, and comedy. Set against the backdrop of familial competition and the quest for love, this Netflix movie delivers a heartwarming narrative that captivates audiences with its simplicity and genuine emotions. 

Directed by Rolie Nikwe, The Netflix South African movie premiered in February 2024, intriguing audiences with its unexpected Valentine’s Day release. Drawing inspiration from the Nollywood Netflix movie ‘A Naija Christmas’ released in 2021, ‘A Soweto Love Story’ follows the tale of a determined mother, Bongekile, and her three grown sons (Menzi, Sandile, and Sky), each with distinct personalities and seemingly no interest in settling down. To spur them into action, the mother devises a plan to sell the family house, prompting a competition among her sons to find love and marry before the year’s end. This bet sets the stage for a series of events and dramatic twists as the sons navigate the complexities of romance and family dynamics. As the story unfolds, audiences are left to ponder whether a perfect love story will emerge from Bonge’s three sons.


The opening scene of ‘A Soweto Love Story’ immerses viewers in the vibrant atmosphere of a church gathering, where Bongekile, played by Duduzile Ngcobo, the matriarch of the family, along with her sons Mengi, Sandile, and Sky, display enthusiasm for the church activities. Bongekile’s spirited presence is complemented by her rival, Bridgette, who also serves as her co-president in the women’s local church community. Their heartfelt rendition in church is marked by a subtle competition, each woman vying to outshine the other. 

This scene not only sets the stage for the familial dynamics but also showcases the rich musical heritage inherent in South African cinema, infused with a special African spice that proudly celebrates the culture.

A Soweto Love Story review
A Soweto Love Story [PHOTO CREDIT: The Envoy Web]

Bridgette, filled with self-assurance, wastes no time in showcasing the achievements of her thriving children, including her daughter’s engagement to a respected doctor in their local church, directly to Bongekile. Meanwhile, Bongekile’s frustration mounts as she struggles with her sons’ apparent disinterest in finding partners and starting families, a sentiment only aggravated by Bridgette’s unabashed display of success.

In a moment of frustration and exhaustion, Bongekile makes the difficult decision to announce the sale of their family house, sparking competition among her three sons. However, each son had their unique reason why the house should not be sold, leading them to embark on a quest to find a wife to secure the property. This pivotal moment sets the stage for a heartwarming journey filled with love, laughter, and unexpected twists as the brothers navigate the complexities of romance and family bonds.

Bongekile’s eldest son, Menzi, is portrayed as a professional chef—a perfectionist and micromanager—with little interest in romantic relationships. Utilising their family house as collateral to establish his restaurant, Menzi finds himself unexpectedly tasked with finding a wife before the year concludes. Witnessing Menzi’s character development is a delightful experience for viewers. Despite his initial struggles with interpersonal relationships, including a rift with one of his head chefs, Menzi’s world is turned upside down when a bold and carefree new female chef enters his life. This unexpected twist leads to a captivating transformation as Menzi and Dina evolve from constant adversaries to unlikely allies. As Dina takes it upon herself to set Menzi up on dates in pursuit of winning the bet to marry first, their relationship deepens, culminating in a beautifully imperfect love story that defies expectations. Watching Menzi find love with Dina, despite encountering what seemed like a “perfect” match, is a testament to the power of unexpected connections and the journey towards finding true happiness.

A Soweto Love Story review
A Soweto Love Story [PHOTO CREDIT: ShockNG]

Sandile, Bongekile’s second son, presents a stark contrast to his brother Menzi. With his suave demeanour and undeniable charisma, Sandile appears to be the epitome of a charming playboy, showing little inclination towards commitment. However, Sandile’s character defies expectations, serving as a poignant reminder not to judge a book by its cover. His seemingly idyllic world shatters when his six-year relationship with SENTE abruptly ends, with allegations of him being a chronic womaniser. Despite his shortcomings, Sandile harbours a fervent passion for his music career. Yet, his aspirations are overshadowed by the looming threat of loan sharks, who relentlessly hound him due to his financial struggles. With his livelihood at stake and eviction from his rented apartment looming, Sandile is forced to confront his demons and navigate a tumultuous journey towards redemption and self-discovery.

Sky, the youngest son in the family, envisions converting the family house into a fashion hub to pursue his career in fashion design. Despite his distinct personality and misconceptions about his sexuality, Sky is also challenged with finding a wife. His romantic journey offers a compelling twist, delicately addressing the LGBTQIA+ topic with sensitivity and care. SKY’s Love Story was a good twist that may also end up warming the hearts of the viewers. 

A Soweto Love Story’ offers viewers a delightful blend of heartwarming and comedic moments that take them on an enjoyable journey. Notably, the hot air balloon apology/proposal scene between Sente and Sandile stands out as both funny and adorable, showcasing the skilful writing of the scriptwriters.

Additionally, the bickering scenes between Bongekile and Bridgette add a special touch of comedy, culminating in a surprising truce when Sky’s intimate affair with Bridgette’s daughter is revealed most hilariously and embarrassingly while church service is going on, which interestingly adds an unexpected twist to the movie that keeps viewers engaged.


In ‘A Soweto Love Story’, Sandile, perfectly portrayed by Lunga Shabalala, and Sente, portrayed by Motsoaledi Setumo, deliver outstanding performances, embodying their characters with precision and depth. Their chemistry is palpable, captivating audiences from the get-go. 

Similarly, Menzi, played by Sparky Xulu, and Dina’s (Mamodibe Ramodibe) on-screen dynamic is commendable, with their connection evident from miles away. 

A Soweto Love Story review
A Soweto Love Story [PHOTO CREDIT: Youtube/@ecopia]

While Sky’s character may have been subtle and below expectations, the character was skillfully portrayed by Ray Beo Buso by Bongekile played by Duduzile Ngcobo, and Bridgette, played by Monnye Kunupi, injects humour into the narrative, showcasing their comedic timing and adding another layer of enjoyment to the film. With each actor fully embracing their role, ‘A Soweto Love Story’ comes together as a satisfying movie experience, brought to life by the talented ensemble cast.


The incorporation of Zulu and Tswana not only enhances the authenticity of the film but also provides an opportunity for audiences to immerse themselves in the beauty of these languages. 

Additionally, the soundtracks in the movie complement the linguistic landscape, further enriching the viewing experience. Overall, the use of Zulu and Tswana languages in “A Soweto Love Story” adds depth and authenticity, allowing viewers to truly appreciate the cultural richness of the Movie 

Charming viewers with its heartwarming narrative and vibrant cultural backdrop, “A Soweto Love Story” offers a cosy escape into the world of romance, music, and comedy. While it may not boast groundbreaking twists or complexities, its simplicity and sincerity make it a perfect choice for a relaxing Netflix night. To summarize A Soweto Love Story review, whether you’re drawn to romance, comedy, or music, this series promises to warm your heart and leave you with a smile. 

A Soweto Love Story review
Review Overview

While it may not boast groundbreaking twists or complexities, its simplicity and sincerity make it a perfect choice for a relaxing Netflix night. Whether you’re drawn to romance, comedy, or music, this series promises to warm your heart and leave you with a smile. 

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