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Pawzz Shares The Live Edition Of His Debut EP ‘Prezz Play’

Prepare to be captivated as Pawzz and his band present a live rendition of his debut EP.

Pawzz Prezz play live EP
Pawzz Prezz Play Live EP [Youtube/@iamPawzz]

Pawzz, the breakout sensation of Nigeria’s vibrant music scene in 2023, returns with a captivating live rendition of his highly acclaimed debut project, ‘Prezz Play’. 

David Tokuma Dekor, better known as Pawzz, who hails from Port Harcourt is an afro-fusion maestro who takes centre stage alongside his phenomenal live band, delivering an unparalleled experience that breathes new life into his already flawless and multi-genre body of work.

Pawzz Prezz Play live EP is a confirmation of the artist’s multifaceted talent.

Pawzz’s remarkable vocal prowess shines in the opening track, ‘My Mind,’ which undergoes a delightful transformation with the band infusing a reggae twist into its instrumental arrangement.

The lead single, ‘Koma,’ an irresistible afropop tune, takes on an even richer flavour as the singer fearlessly embraces his rebellious spirit, defying conventional norms, negativity, and toxic vibes with every note.

Pawzz’s rock appeal shines through in the revamped version of ‘Gauge,’ an enthralling amapiano-infused melody, solidifying his versatility and showcasing his unrivalled creativity.

Pawzz’s creative brilliance is visible in his live rendition of ‘Suga.’ The band effortlessly surpasses expectations, breathing new life into this record and crafting a mesmerizing experience that leaves you spellbound.

‘Body Language,’ a song tailor-made for intimate moments, becomes an all-encompassing experience in its live version. Originally designed to ignite sensuality and set the mood for unimaginable moments with a partner, Pawzz takes it a step further by tinkering with the sound, stimulating not only our ability to visualize but also offering practical utility.

With the release of ‘Prezz Play Live EP,’ Pawzz not only cements his position as a trailblazer but also affirms that he is not just the future, but the embodiment of the present moment. Brace yourselves for an elite musical encounter that will leave a lasting impact on your soul.


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