10 Nigerian Podcasts You Should Check Out Today

Here are 10 popular Nigerian podcasts that you may find interesting.

10 Nigerian Podcasts You Should Check Out Today
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In recent years, podcasts have been a useful resource for many seeking knowledge and entertainment on diverse topics. Podcasting, as it is widely accepted and renowned, provides downloadable information and also affords listeners the ability to listen on the go. To many, it has been a substitute for radio programs and a go-to means for acquiring different views. This development has its roots in Africa, and here are 10 popular Nigerian podcasts you should listen to.

1. Disunomics

 This podcast is hosted by economic expert Disu Fasasi and features listeners from all around the world as they discuss economics, finance, and business and their consequences in Nigeria and other nations. It has been confirmed to be an interesting podcast that conveys extremely essential information in a fun way that is supported by evidence and is impartial and straightforward. It simplifies complex subjects so that the average person can understand them.

2. The Daily Vulnerable 

This is a self-improvement podcast that is hosted by Nigerian author, coach, and Joy Inc. founder Chude Jideonwo. The debate over worries, uncertainties, doubts, errors, defects, and crimes against humanity perpetrated out of greed, carelessness, and a lack of conscience forms the basis of the Daily Vulnerable. Everybody, renowned or not, well-traveled or not, has to deal with this situation. This is one of the popular Nigerian podcasts on Spotify that you need to check out.

These are discussed on The Daily Vulnerable to underline that having these feelings and acting in these ways is humane and that by learning to overcome them, you can be your best self every day.

3. The Grind Club 

Young entrepreneurs and corporate professionals should listen to the Grind Club podcast. It analyzes the business and career issues that young people today confront and talks about original solutions that will help them develop. This podcast, hosted by Muyiwa Lagos, talks about business and entrepreneurship in Nigeria and Africa.

4.  TechCabal Weekly 

 A podcast with technology news and analysis that focuses on the tech sector in Africa Every week, TechCabal Weekly compiles the most significant tech stories from across Africa. Here is one of the top Nigerian podcasts on Spotify that you need to check out.

5. A Music In Time

This podcast on the history of music education is conducted by veteran journalist Osagie Alonge. It explores in great detail how Nigerian music has changed since the late 1990s. A variety of carefully chosen guests provide the podcast’s context by discussing important albums or moments.

6. I Said What I Said (ISWIS)

Each edition of ISWIS is interesting to listen to because of the variety of guests. Gist is the compositional hub of this podcast, which is hosted by Jola Ayeye and Feyikemi Abudu. No subject is off-limits. From providing answers to confused fan mail to engaging in heartfelt and genuine dialogue about the most serious issues. There are audio and visual platforms for the podcast.

7. Off-Air Podcast

With their podcast, Tolu “Toolz” Oniru-Demurenl and Gbemi Olateru-Olagbegi take things to new heights. The pair tackles current concerns in a lighthearted, intrinsically personal, unconcerned, and casual style using sarcasm, wit, and improvisation.

8. 234 Essential

Ayomide Tayo and Ugochi Anyanwu, well known as ‘The Igbo Stallion,‘ founded and hosted the show during the epidemic. In a ‘bantifully,’ thoughtful, and open manner, 234 Essential covers a lot of territories on everything Nigerian.

Listeners dealing with the never-ending circus that living in Nigeria provides find solace in Ugochee’s ability to distinguish situations from an emotional and well-researched standpoint, which contrasts with Ayomide Tayo’s seemingly encyclopedic knowledge of cultural occasions.

9.  Afrobeat Intelligence 

The Afrobeats Intelligence Podcast is a podcast adaptation of the well-known music newsletter Afrobeats Intelligence. It focuses on African music and the vast ecology that fuels and encourages innovation in cities like Lagos, Accra, Nairobi, Johannesburg, and others. The podcast, which is anchored by Joey Akan, a multi-award-winning music journalist, examines the relationship between art, humanity, and the processes that create exceptional African music through extensive interviews, the most knowledgeable and varied viewpoints in the heart of the music industry that is striving for global success. This is one of the most popular Nigerian podcasts on Spotify.

10. Nigeria Politics Weekly  

The show, which is hosted by Michael and Phoenix and features a wide range of guests and weekly episodes, attracts attention for its unabashed, generally balanced, and knowledgeable deep dive into pressing political and socio-economic issues in Nigeria. The Nigerian Politics Weekly is one of the most exciting Nigerian podcasts you should check out today.

Nigerian podcasts are currently one of the most popular topics on the internet. This list should introduce you to some of the most exciting, entertaining, and informative Nigerian podcasts available.

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