Presidential Aspirant Ousmane Soko Gets Sentenced To Jail In Senegal

The Court hereby convicted Ousmane Soko of

Presidential Aspirant Ousmane Soko Gets Sentenced To Jail In Senegal
Ousmane Soko [Direct28]

In the past few days, Mayhem has taken its ugly toll In Senegal – a Country better known for its tranquility and democracy. The Nation is presently in distress as angry citizens (mostly youths) are revolting against the imprisonment of Ousmane Sonko who was sentenced to two years in prison (in absentia) on Thursday, 1st of June 2023.

Ousmane Soko was in absentia on the day of his sentence, he claimed to be taking precautionary measures as he feared for his safety.

Sonko (48) is the strongest opposition candidate to the president-elect- Macky Sall; many have labeled the former’s incarceration a politically motivated act. 

Two years ago, Ousmane Soko faced rape charges in which he was accused of forcefully having sexual relations with a local Spa employee- Soko maintained an innocent stance, re-buffing the allegations as propaganda set against him by Macky Sall (61). 

While the accusation dwindled, a recent charge stood against the Senegalese politician- in which he was accused of having consensual relations with the spa employee while she was still a minor. 

The Court hereby convicted Ousmane Soko of “Corrupting Youth” and was hereby sentenced to two years in prison- nullifying him from participating in the forthcoming elections until further notice.

The sentence sparked immediate outrage from Senegalese youths who began protesting against the judgment- butting heads with security officials, ultimately leading to grotesque scenes such as loss of life, property vandalization, a social media shut-out, and general unrest.

With the general elections looming around the corner, many believe Ousmane Soko is a pawn in a big political chess game stacked against him by the judiciary and the current president-elect.

In recent years, Ousmane Soko’s charisma and perceived honesty have made him a popular figure amongst the Senegalese youths which has subsequently made him a favorite for the next presidential election and a strong opposition to Macky Sall. 

The latter is said to be seeking a third term, despite the Senegalese constitution preventing a president from running for more than two terms. 

The present revolt in Senegal is a demonstration of the people’s will albeit a  stain on the Country’s long-upheld democratic system of government.

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