10 Most Beautiful Islands In Africa

These 10 most beautiful islands in Africa are a sure way to have an unforgettable journey where you just walk in wonder and awe. 

10 Most Beautiful Islands In Africa
Most Beautiful Islands In Africa

Many a time when we start thinking of an African holiday, our minds will, inevitably, be filled with images of magnificent wilderness safaris, the grandeur of the Pyramids of Egypt, or the bustling cityscape of Cape Town and Marrakesh. However, unknown beyond the shores of Africa presenting themselves as a treasure of the most beautiful islands in the world, is making an extraordinary case for tourism on this side of the continent. Big as Madagascar in size and so rich in diversity it dominates the conversation on African islands, there are still off-islands plenty around for those wishing to get a taste of pure old history, wildlife, of wild beaches similar to the Caribbean.

Here are our picks for the ten most beautiful islands in Africa;

1. Sao Tomé

Sao Tomé
Sao Tomé [PHOTO CREDIT: getty]

The largest island in São Tomé and Príncipe archipelago, São Tomé, dozes placidly in the serene swells that bathe the shores of the Central African area’s western coast. Among its manifold virtues, this area still holds the raw and undeciphered secrets almost deadly from the gaze of numerous travellers. Travellers get to relax as they submerge themselves into unexplored waters which are glamorously beaming with an endless population of marine animals or lazily stroll through seemingly still waterside villages where time itself seems to exist in a different plane. On the other hand, a chocolate factory is a must-visit for all those who love thrill and offers a whole new treat to their taste buds, whereas sipping delicious coffee lets the ambrosial taste be assimilated in the mind.

2. Sal

Sal Island

Sal, or the crown of the Cape Verde archipelago, is the result of a bold Atlantic oceanic movement which invites visitors with its less hectic characteristics and vast beaches. Calling it Salt or salt in Portuguese, Sal defines island life as it is clean beaches and charming towns. The impressive heart of Santa Maria is the island town square with grand pastel-coloured houses and the market streets, which line up all around showing the great Afro-Cape culture. As soon as the night begins, the town goes into action with music beats and a play of smells of island local cuisine, making visitors feel welcome and submerged into the profound richness of the island heritage.

3. Zanzibar

Zanzibar [PHOTO CREDIT: Discover Africa]

Lying to the east of the Indio Ocean, this island offers you a combination of a captivating historical legacy and tranquillity of nature. Famous for its bright turquoise water and silky smooth sand beaches, the island attracts all sun lovers and beach lovers who like water. Meander along the labyrinths of old Stone Town, where the soulful Swahili heritage is interspersed with links to far-off Oman and Portugal, or dive into the island’s spicy past and step into the pages of history by taking a tour into a local spice farm. Be it snorkelling through the multicoloured coral reefs or just relaxing luxuriously against swaying palm trees, Zanzibar will transfix every single sense that’s there. This is most definitely one of the most beautiful islands in Africa.

4. Mauritius

Mauritius [PHOTO CREDIT: Oazure]

Mauritius as it possesses the aesthetic qualities equal to a paradise, is a distinctive place in the world. The amazing scenery suddenly opens up to higher mountain ranges, waterfall cliffs or forests, and then clear beautiful lakes offer you peace of mind while you enjoy all the adventures that you want. Plunge into the underwater paradise where sea colour attracts all people, hike to secluded points of nature with a view of the top of the world and calm down in the pleasingness of five-star resorts. Where the silky beach and the beautiful forest meet, there is an exhibit of diversity, where Creole, Indian, Chinese as well as European cultures amalgamate which results in an art that is not found anywhere else in the world.

5. Reunion

Reunion [PHOTO CREDIT: Eli8te Tour Reunion]

It might be a French overseas department in the ionic Ocean, but Reunion offers the range of the landscape just as fascinating as one can imagine. From intimidating volcanoes and rocky coastlines to grass-filled forests that excite me the whole time, this small place of nature can never fill one with awe. Set your sights on an epic journey to the burning hot lava of the super-active Piton de la Fournaise or a fascinating adventure to the majestic Cirques, old volcanic craters that have long been a source of awe and mystery. Do not forget to target the people who are constantly in search of adventure because the island is full of different activities, including canyoning, paragliding, and surfing. The nervous systems have both- of the bami–adrenalin-fueled adventures and a feeling of serenity, where time passes slowly as the natural landscape surroundings become wonderful and breathtaking. Reunion is no doubt one of the most beautiful islands in Africa.

6. Djerba

Djerba [PHOTO CREDIT: Shutterstock]

In a corner of Tunisia, just minutes away from the open sea, Djerba awaits – seeking you through the sunny beaches, ancient civilization, and colourful way of life. It is known under the name of “The Island of Dreams”, where whitewashed mosques and medieval city structures are just a part of its ethereal allure, being pictured in azure skies and shining seas. Ramble among the winding alleys of Houmt Souk and you’ll see fruit and vegetable sellers, hawkers, and spice sellers in the open-air market. Or you can go to the countryside to see oases, Byzantine ruins, and fields of cacti and olives. It could be stepping yourself through this island’s stormy past, savouring the authentic Tunisian delicacies or just soaking in the sun in the comfort of the warm Mediterranean hospitality. The hidden treasure of Djerba is what is waiting to be discovered.

7. Nosy Be

Nosy Be
Nosy Be [PHOTO CREDIT: Booking Hotels Madagascar]

In the northwest of an island called Madagascar, approximately 50 km from the mainland, lies the stunning paradise of Nosy Be, which is blessed with some of the best tropical beaches, lush green forests and amazing marine life. Tourists enjoy the title of “Perfume Island” provided by the aromatic ylang ylang plantations, which offer visitors a breathtakingly unspoiled view and relaxed atmosphere. Enter the world of coral reefs by taking a swim in the clear waters and making friends with the colourful fish that teem and jungle trek to meet the lemurs and other endemic species that form this unique biodiversity as they watch you. Whether you’re craving serenity and solitude, with the secluded beaches providing an escape to a tranquil world, or a sense of excitement and liveliness through the vibrant markets and restaurants filled with local stories and tastes, The metropolis has all of these to offer fares.

8. Mohéli

Mohéli Island
Mohéli Island [PHOTO CREDIT: Comoros Mayotte Tours]

Mohéli which is situated in the Comoros islands, is a paradise for adventurous travelers who are craving to explore the unchartered territories. Its rich rainforests, seawater of blue-green colours, and exciting wildlife make it a fascinating island that is inviting both nature lovers and adventure seekers. Swim in marine reserves teeming with tropical fish and beautiful coral reefs, where you may find even bigger rare species, like the endangered Coelacanth fish and the elusive Livingstone’s fruit bat. The edges of the Indian Ocean glow with evening light and the inviting pebbled beaches of Mohéli call for visitors to feel the healing and tranquil powers of the whole island and its timeless beauty.

9. Pemba

Pemba Island
Pemba Island [PHOTO CREDIT: Uroadventure]

Just off the coast of Tanzania is the undiscovered island of Pemba, which due to its virgin nature and abundant marine life, has been internationally recognised as a small ecological marvel. Coral reefs and mangrove forests encircle it, making it a perfect place for snorkelling and diving so that you can view the hidden treasures of this underwater world. Be free to swim with colourful fishes and vibrant coral gardens, or else you can delve inland to discover exotic waterfalls and spice plantations. What inspires me is the Swahili culture that continues to dominate this small, exotic island as its landscapes stay plain and locals feel very friendly.

10. Praslin

Praslin Island
Praslin Island [PHOTO CREDIT: The Blonde Abroad]

The Praslin that’s the archipelago’s second-largest island, is one of the most beautiful islands in Africa. It turns travellers into millionaires because of the white sands, evergreen jungles, and rare animals. The Vallée de Mai, worldly well known and a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is the natural point of interest for which this amazing island is famed for its tall coconut de mer palms and for its rare rodent species. Venture into unknown coves and undiscovered crevices, or go hiking on the way through the island’s green forests along the routes leading you to the rarest plants in the world. Amidst its unrivalled aesthetic and mysterious solitude, Praslin becomes the absolute one-of-a-kind place to get away from the routine where each moment is a miracle of anewness.

In short, Africa’s myriad islands showcase a living picture of inbuilt natural beauty, cultural profundity and adventure whose splendour the eyes could not behold. Whether from the pure white beaches of Zanzibar to the lush jungle of Praslin or from one island to another, each island carries in its character a ton and a touch of magic for the beholders. No matter whether you prefer lying on sun-kissed beaches, exploring and experiencing different cultures or getting into the adventure provided by exciting nature, these 10 most beautiful islands in Africa are a sure way to have an unforgettable journey where you just walk in wonder and awe. Therefore, conjure your luggage and travel to these beautiful islands of some of Africa’s beach destinations to truly be the fresh air.

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